Friday, February 10, 2012

700 post! Valentines

Melissa Stinson inspired me the other day to look at the amount of posts I've done--can't believe I've posted that many times!  Thanks so much for reading, encouraging and following me!

So on Wednesday we started working on our Valentines (I know I have time, BUT I don't like being caught unawares!  Good thing too because my older son just told me he had to make another one...
My younger son was SO serious about the stamping and punching.  At one point he told me "he was tired from stamping." Kid cracks me up!  I wanted the valentines to be mostly them, so I came up with a simple idea and using supplies we already have we made these--all I had to do was buy a package of candy...
After I got the kids projects all cut out I started working on these babies:

 I was inspired by Lisa Andrews check out her valentines HERE.  I used the Be Mine mini kit--it is PACKED with FUN stuff!  I added a few things from my stash--the heart doilies I found in the dollar bin at Target a few weeks ago (I mentioned them HERE on my post about my Valentines cards...), they are the perfect size for the front of the envelopes.  I also included some tinsel garland I picked up on clearance at Walmart after Christmas--I knew that I wanted to use it for cards and I have a WHOLE bunch for like 20 cents each!  These little bags are packed with Dove candy--seriously?!  yeah, I had to eat some--it was delicious!  AND I ate to much but I had fun doing it! :)

thanks for the visit today!  Hope you have a fabulous day!


Jingle said...

You rock! Those are so cute!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

These are ADORABLE!! I love love love the tinsel!!!

Rebecca said...

congrats on the 700th post! and those valentines are wonderful!

Shannon91 said...

veru beautiful !