Tuesday, August 31, 2010

take a look! September Scrapbook Circle peak!

This weekend I got busy working with my September kit from Scrapbook Circle--YUMMO! It's full of crate paper, sassafrass, cosmo cricket and echo park! I'm telling you the colors in this kit are amazing! Here's a few peaks of my layouts:

*Reminder: Because of the increase of product in the kits each month, starting September 1, kit prices are increasing to $29.50 for a 2+ month sub and $34.50 for a single kit purchase. All current subscribers keep their price as long as they continue to receive kits. Sign up before Sept. 1 to lock in the lowest kit price.*

Saturday, August 28, 2010

envelope mini album tutorial

Here is the tutorial I promised! :)

supplies you will need:
3 square envelopes (mine are 5 1/2"square)
6 pieces of pattern paper cut square (mine are 5 1/4" square)

**Before adhering anything layout it ALL out first**

1. layering up your envelopes (I thought the pictures would help better describe what I was saying....) You want one envelope down with the part you address looking at you. The other you want the closing side facing you. You want to lick the envelope that has the address side facing you and adhere it to the other envelope. *Make sure that you get it in the crease this will be important later on*
2. add your third envelope by licking it and adhere it to the underside of the addressed side envelope. See the loose side over there? you want to lick that and adhere it to itself.3. This is what it should look like all adhered together.4. Layout your pattern papers deciding which one will be the cover. Then adhere them to your envelopes centering as best as you can. (I usually eye ball this part) you will notice that I sewed mine. what I did was to put a little adhesive in the middle to hold it in place and straight stitched it on my machine. It sews through both sides! (I alternate which will have the top stitch so that it won't look one sided....)
5. Then embellish away! For this little album I used my August kit from Scrapbook Circle, and a couple of scraps from another project. EASY!
I plan on giving this little album to another friend who is expecting a little boy.
Oh, I almost forgot! The coolest thing about this little album is that it will fit inside a 6" envelope! And as you can see it can stand up all by itself because it's got nice stiff backing from the envelopes. Like I said in my previous post this is QUICK and easy! I think these will be my new baby gift to my friends! You could also do Birthday or other special occasions the possibilities are endless!
Thanks for stopping by! Sure hope that your weekend is a GREAT one! :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A little bit of this and that, and my touch with FAME!

Okay! I JUST found out that I won some ECHO PARK from their blog! What? You didn't know they had one? Go check it out become a follower and your name can be drawn for a prize--pretty sweet! (click on the word blog to go to it....)

My brush with fame was yesterday, I was at the gym. Not really wanting to be working out anymore. I look up and see a familiar face--my brain quickly assesses that it is Filipe Fa from the BIGGEST LOSER season 7! My head must have done a double take or something because he sort of smiles at me, I smiled too and waved, he waved back! I didn't scream or run up to him or anything...figured he was there to work out to!

Alright you came for creative stuff right?! This is the project I wanted to show you:
This is made with envelopes--don't worry I will have a tutorial up here real soon!
A couple of weeks ago my friend had an open house to celebrate the birth of her son. I was RACKING my brains trying to figure out what I should make him. (I like to make baby gifts--much more unique I think....) Anyway, I was looking through previous projects and saw that I had made something very similar before. Next came paper. I went through my paper and found that the travel line by Cosmo Cricket was perfect. I used the scraps from this project. Two baby gifts for the price of one! :) This really was quick and easy!
Well, I'm off to go read my book! I'm currently reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. Pretty good so far--have to read while it's quite around here! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WHat?! September peek at Scrapbook Circle

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Okay seriously...WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! I hadn't realized how long it's been since I posted--life has been busy. Tryouts for junior high soccer was supposed to start yesterday but was canceled due to the heat. Don't have a clue what is going to happen today....won't know until I get a knock on my door (or lack of a knock on the door...) that's what happened yesterday. She knocked I opened the door and was SURPRISED to see her. Anyway, needless to say I was a nervous wreck for her yesterday--today I don't know what to be! :)

Look at this yummy kit for September:
The September kit will be featuring Crate Restoration, Cosmo Cricket Togetherness, Sassafras Mix & Mend, Lily Bee Domestic Bliss and much more!

The full kit photo with product list will be up this Friday!

***Reminder. Because of the increase of product in our kits each month, starting September 1, our kit prices are increasing to $29.50 for a 2+ month sub and $34.50 for a single kit purchase. All current subscribers keep their price as long as they continue to receive kits. Sign up before Sept. 1 to lock in the lowest kit price.***

I have a project that I finished yesterday that I want to share but it's REALLY hot today, so it'll have to wait...sorry!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

whirly bird

I LOVE crate paper, I LOVE using up my scraps. This layout has these things:
I was inspired by a layout I saw in Creating Keepsakes by Kim Watson on page 108 of the September 2010 issue.

We had a news copter come to the school last year--it was pretty exciting. AND I was on the news--WAY in the background. LOL!

rubons: Basic Grey Crate paper
pattern paper: crate paper
cardstock: Bazzill
letters: pink paislee
button: making memories
jewels: kaiser

Monday, August 16, 2010

Gone fishing--the Color room palette #18

So this past week I was looking at some blogs and came across a super cute layout inspired by this:
I hadn't ever heard of them before, and I REALLY like the sketch and colors I thought why, not give it a try?
I think this is the first time I have EVER printed clip art from the web and used it on a page. I like these little fishies....
You can't go fishing without your fishing pole right?
I made my own using a piece of brown cardstock, my mini mister, string, pliers, and a stick pin.
I first cut measured the height of my "pole" about 6" then I trimmed the side down to around 2" and misted it. Then I began to roll it together, after I got it the right shape I blew it dry with my heat embossing gun.
I had stick pins on my desk--I have no idea where they came from! And *CAREFULLY* using my pliers I bent it in the shape of a hook. I then cut my string the length I wanted. I tied the string to my pin before attaching to the page. Then glued one end of the string under the pole. And the hook I glued down using a glue dot which I trimmed smaller with my non stick scissors. Sound complicated? It wasn't and I had SO MUCH FUN trying to stick with these colors and sketch.
If you are wanting a challenge check them out HERE.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Randomness, quiet, and fiesta.....

So, I'm sitting 'jammin to some tunes from my buddy Jennifer Yates blog. Looking at this:
Love this stuff! I've had my current plates for about 14 years and they are starting to wear on the side and look tacky...Pioneer Woman had these on her blog a few weeks ago. The colors are AWESOME, Macy's is having a sale right now and I think I'm going to mix and match because I can't decide which color to get! I'm looking at Peacock, Chocolate, Plum, Sunflower, I also like paprika! They are just so bright and fun! I'm looking at the 4 piece set because really I don't need that extra little bit to hold the coffee cup--we drink hot chocolate AND not when it's HOT outside, especially like TODAY! It's NASTY--SO glad for air conditioning! :)
2nd day of school being in session. There was a slight fiasco with the Jr. High bus, but my girl got home okay. She liked school so far--GOOD! Boys liked it too, my middle boy has a boy in his class that he is trying to befriend--he doesn't speak English so last night at dinner we were coming up with things for him to say to let him know that he wanted to be his friend. Made me proud of my boy, stepping outside his comfort zone.
Hoping to go to my LSS and pick up the new Echo Park Halloween collection. Blue Moon Scrapbooking.com has made a video that features it.
Well, I'm off to do something creative! Thanks for stopping in--hope you have a FANTASTIC day!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


the last day of summer.....In preparation for my time a lone I have cleaned off my desk! I even cut down some chipboard for some albums I'll be making...I'm getting ready! :) Speaking of albums I made this guided journal for my friend's boy who will be baptized this Saturday. It's a guided journal meaning that there are questions that he will have to answer. Like, "what do you remember most about your baptism?" It also has a questions, "name your top 10 favorite books" Very fun, there is a spot in the front to place a picture.

I cut the J with my Cricut. I bound it using my bind-it-all--LOVE this machine!
The paper line is rusted sun by Fancy Pants. It's actually a sort of surf and turf line--I just loved the dots and stripes.
well, I'm off to the gym and dropping kiddos off to play. They are starting to come in and stare at me---somehow they think this will make me go faster---don't think so! :)
Thanks for stopping by! Make today a GREAT one!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

9--inspired blueprints #53

I have several stickers on this page 4 to be exact. Remember when it was ALL the rage to collect them? I think I was like 10 or something. My cousin had a HUGE collection.... one day she decided to give me a sticker that I had been wanting SO badly! It was a jeweled Michael Jackson glove--it was so cool! (I wonder what happened to that collection....) I now have a new collection mostly letter stickers but some are journaling spots and the like. I have been challenging myself to actually use them and not collect them! Are you a collector? Or do you use your stickers?

Life around here will be speeding up soon with schedules and homework. School starts on Wednesday! CRAZINESS! It's sort of bittersweet, I've enjoyed having my kids home and doing bunches of stuff. But I am also excited for them to have their own learning adventures at school. We meet the teachers Monday & Tuesday nights--should be fun!
Thanks for taking the time to stop by and visit! Make it a GREAT Sunday!:)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Super Gift

This layout all started with this picture:
I took it back in 2007 and I was just waiting for inspiration to hit--it did with the combination of the August kit from Scrapbook Circle and some stamps from my stash. To answer this question, no this picture was not posed. I was posed with my camera on because I knew that this gift would be a HIT with both my boys. Here is what I came up with:
Some closeups--yep those are jewels and some stickles that you see on a boy layout!
supplies used:
pattern paper: Pink Paislee, Fancy Pants
stickers: Basic Grey
stamps: We R Memory keepers, Reflections, Luxe
stickles: Ranger
jewels: Kaiser
letters: American Crafts
glossy accents: ranger

Thanks for stopping by today! We get to find out the boys teachers today--woohoo! Hope your Friday is a GREAT one!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tanner Album

This was such a fun album to put together, I kept it simple and clean. I used a Maya Road chipboard album and the Road Trip line from Cosmo Cricket--yes the one with all the cars! Perfect for a little boy--right? My friend a CUTE little boy a few weeks ago--this is what I made for her:

supplies used:
pattern paper: Cosmo Cricket
stickers: Jenni bowlin, Cosmo Cricket
album: Maya Road
Tag & T: Cricut
embossing plates: sizzix
ribbon: unknown
mini alpha: cosmo cricket

Just a quick post today, off to swim at the gym! OH, it's official! I have a girl with a junior high schedule and picture ID!!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Freak-a-Zoid

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I have to tell you something so funny. Yesterday, DD found a station that she knew I would love on the radio...SURE enough I do. It's rock'in oldies--seriously from the 80's this song came on and we turned it up! Then when we got home I bought it off of itunes:
My Freak-a-zoid was SO excited! :) the video is SOOOO lame but the song is AWESOME! I TOTALLY remember skating to this at the roller rink.
Thanks for stopping by have a GREAT one!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A girl named Psycho.....

Yes, you read that title alright. I gave my girl that nickname and it's stuck, now she is known in our league by ref's, players and coaches as Psycho. The story? I'm not a CRAZY soccer mom, yes--I enjoying yelling encouragement but I try to refrain from yelling things that aren't encouraging....that being said. DD was slacking a bit in a game, I yelled out come on psycho. She got MAD---you have to understand when she gets MAD she plays WELL. She took off and had some good plays. All the other parents wanted to know what I said to her. I told them--it stuck. Some people don't even know her real name....One kid even thought it was her name! Yes, I legally named the child Psycho, can you imagine her name being called in class?! She likes it now, we even put it on the back of her jersey last season.
Now you know the back story of Psycho. On this particular occasion it happened to be picture day, she was ALL dressed up and ready to go except she had a by (NO GAME.) My middle boy had a game but the other team didn't have enough players--they were wearing blue. I jokingly asked her if she would play if they asked her. "SURE!" she said. I ran across the field and told my son's coach telling him this is FYI just in case. Well, he walked over and talked to the other coach, he said it was okay. Then we hear this "PSYCHO!!!" from across the field. (My son's coach is LOUD!) Those boys played their hearts out--SO funny! All during the game you hear the other team's parents yelling, "go, PSYCHO!" Fast forward a week...the next game we had the same ref. (DD happened to be one of the captains that game) The ref says, "hey Psycho!"
Unusual--SURE is! I do have to tell you that my other two kids nicknames are CRAZY, and FREAKAZOID--Freak for short. Yes, they are my children....for those that know me that is enough of an explanation.
That was a LONG explanation. I did have a SUPER fun time with this layout. The lemon paper from Jillibean soup was perfect--the grass out at the field is a sort of green/yellow color....The sun? Was a journaling circle by Jenni Bowlin and a completely different orange. I used my distressing ink to bring it all together. My S? Is actually two J's cut and put together.
Thanks for sticking around for this long! Hope you have a great one!

all supplies are from the August kit at Scrapbook Circle.