Monday, August 2, 2010

A girl named Psycho.....

Yes, you read that title alright. I gave my girl that nickname and it's stuck, now she is known in our league by ref's, players and coaches as Psycho. The story? I'm not a CRAZY soccer mom, yes--I enjoying yelling encouragement but I try to refrain from yelling things that aren't encouraging....that being said. DD was slacking a bit in a game, I yelled out come on psycho. She got MAD---you have to understand when she gets MAD she plays WELL. She took off and had some good plays. All the other parents wanted to know what I said to her. I told them--it stuck. Some people don't even know her real name....One kid even thought it was her name! Yes, I legally named the child Psycho, can you imagine her name being called in class?! She likes it now, we even put it on the back of her jersey last season.
Now you know the back story of Psycho. On this particular occasion it happened to be picture day, she was ALL dressed up and ready to go except she had a by (NO GAME.) My middle boy had a game but the other team didn't have enough players--they were wearing blue. I jokingly asked her if she would play if they asked her. "SURE!" she said. I ran across the field and told my son's coach telling him this is FYI just in case. Well, he walked over and talked to the other coach, he said it was okay. Then we hear this "PSYCHO!!!" from across the field. (My son's coach is LOUD!) Those boys played their hearts out--SO funny! All during the game you hear the other team's parents yelling, "go, PSYCHO!" Fast forward a week...the next game we had the same ref. (DD happened to be one of the captains that game) The ref says, "hey Psycho!"
Unusual--SURE is! I do have to tell you that my other two kids nicknames are CRAZY, and FREAKAZOID--Freak for short. Yes, they are my children....for those that know me that is enough of an explanation.
That was a LONG explanation. I did have a SUPER fun time with this layout. The lemon paper from Jillibean soup was perfect--the grass out at the field is a sort of green/yellow color....The sun? Was a journaling circle by Jenni Bowlin and a completely different orange. I used my distressing ink to bring it all together. My S? Is actually two J's cut and put together.
Thanks for sticking around for this long! Hope you have a great one!

all supplies are from the August kit at Scrapbook Circle.


Jennifer Y said...

This is amazing girl!! I love the stitching and the decorative cutting you did!

Nikki Love said...

love, love, love that sun with the stitching!!! gorgeous work :)