Friday, January 31, 2014

celebrate life & jump.

I wanted this fun layout to have a day to shine all is own--I LOVE this layout, I love how the title came together and because it came out just like I imagined it in my head!  I actually took the background sheet of pattern paper and flipped it upside down so that the dots and sketchy pencil would be at the top corner.  This particular layout was featured on the Silhouette Cameo week on the American Crafts blog.  
Supplies: Clever Card Paper (366171) - Polka Dot Party, Savvy Skirt Paper (366168) - Polka Dot Party, Grand Garland Paper (366172) - Polka Dot Party, Cheerful Chalkboard Paper (366174) - Polka Dot Party, Delightful Display Paper (366162) - Polka Dot Party, Delightful Display Paper (366162) - Polka Dot Party, Perforated Sticker Book (366196) - Stickers, Gold Soiree (366186) - Thickers, Cordial Blue (366188) - Thickers, Accent & Phrase Stickers (366195) - Remarks, Epoxy Stickers (366198) - Remarks, Die Cut Frames (366199) - Bits; Cuts: for #jump title I used the LDJ Whale Tail font and welded the letters, Polka dot background 5 x 7 by Jen Martakis, Assorted Element edge by Jamie Koay, Football Stitch border by Loni Stevens

I think this is the last set of pictures I have from my FABULOUS photo shoot way back in 2011 on Thanksgiving day, I just got SO many great shots!  I layered some of the silhouette cuts up and even made my own title--SO easy!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

smile. love.

This past week this layout was featured on the American Crafts blog.  It was Silhouette cameo week, I cut the flowers and the love part of the title. (all of the cuts and supplies are listed underneath the layout)
Supplies: Wood Stamps (366212) - Stamps, Infatuation Paper (366030) - Cut & Paste, Blossom Paper (366042) - Cut & Paste, One Two Three Paper (366041) - Cut & Paste, Awesome Sauce Paper (366047) - Cut & Paste, Expoxy Borders Trimmed (366063) - Remarks, 6 x 6 Pad (366086) - Cut & Paste, Begonia Cut Out (366059) - Thickers, Cut Out Accents (366060) - Thickers, Penciled Rubon Transfers (366076) - Remarks, Today (366079) - Clear Stamps, Harper Tiny Alpha Stickers (366064) - Remarks, Premium Ribbon (366062) - Embellishments, Sealed Rotary Phrase Stamp (366080) - Stamp, Adhesive Chipboard Pieces (366074) -Remarks, Zing! Clear Embossing Powder (27170) - Stamping, Christmas Ink (59536) - Stamping, Brights Ink (59535) - Stamping; Cuts: Love by American Crafts, Assorted Flower by Jamie Koay, Flower by Silhouette

About a year and a half ago they asked me to take their engagement pictures, I felt SO honored I hadn't done that before and we had A LOT of fun!  I have to tell you these two cute people are now the proud parents of a BEAUTIFUL baby girl, Natalie--she is a BEAUTY! 
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Monday, January 27, 2014

fast fabulous cards.

well hello!  I've had a bit of technical difficulty with my computer lately--ugh, hate that!  Sad, I know but I have been wanting to share a few things with my blog fans and haven't been able to!  Now I'm back! ;)  A few weeks ago I was up on the American Crafts blog with a couple of QUICK cards (they took me 15 minutes or less--yes they really did!)  The key for me to such quick cards is to have an idea of what I'm going to do!  Sometimes I have a sketch, sometimes I just go with the creative flow, and yet other times I just lay what I want to use and ONLY use that.  That being said here is what I came up with--enjoy:
Supplies: 6x6 Paper Pad (366086) - Cut and Paste, Blossom Paper (366042) - Cut and Paste, Cut Out Accents (366060) - Embellishments, Good Stuff Sticker Book (36066) - Thickers, Die Cut Shapes (366068) - Bits, Premier Ribbon (366062) - Ribbon, Die Cut Card Set (366209) - Embellishments, Foam Dots (61709) - Adhesives
 Supplies: 6x6 Paper Pad (36026) - Key Lime Paper (36021) - Mayberry, Lemon Fizz Chipboard Stickers (42396) -Mayberry, Cherry Cola Puffy Stickers (423974) - Mayberry, Wood Stamps (366212) - Dear Lizzy, Christmas (5936) - Ink, Foam Dots (61709) - Adhesives
Supplies: 6x6 Paper Pad (366214) - Polka Dot Party, Epoxy Stickers (366198) - Polka Dot Party, Accent & Phrase Stickers (366195) - Polka Dot Party, Delectable Desserts Specialty Paper (366181) - Polka Dot Paper, Foam Dots (61709) - Adhesives

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

love you. forever

Today I am featured on the Scrapbook Circle blog with this layout, I am used the This Life kit:
As you can see from looking at my layout I do not have any journaling that you can see.  I decided for this layout that I would write a special love note to my hubby on the back, it’s quite lengthy and I wanted the space to write with a “little” privacy.  I’m not so much into hidden journaling, I guess I’m always worried that if you pull the journaling out it would ruin the layout.  Simple solution?  Write it on the back.
A couple fun creative things I wanted to point out on this layout.  This background is actually from the This Life digital cut for this month.  I just made it large enough to fit on a 8 1/2 x 11 page!  It’s fun you should TRY it!  Also I wanted the hearts to really pop out, so I took my Gelatos and colored behind and then took my water and painted.  After it all dried I sewed in the center.  Fun EASY things to make the page shine!  I also backed the cut with some other papers that are featured in the kit.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Gilbert Temple


I'm excited to share something very special to me the Temple, for me it's a place of refuge and reflection, a place of peace.  In Gilbert there is a brand new Temple, they did a news special on of it and wanted to share with you the links to watch them. (HERE is the link to their page with more information)

Here is a bit more information on the Gilbert Temple.  If you are local there is an open house for the next two weeks, you can make reservations HERE.  But you can also show up, they will not turn you away but you might have a longer wait time…If you have more questions regarding Temples there is a Q & A page HERE, and if you still have questions I would be happy to answer those.

It's VERY exciting for us because this has been a several year process from ground breaking to completion and what a blessing for us to pass by this spot as we travel to soccer practice, the transformation has been inspiring--it truly is breath taking.  My family and I will be going on the tour tomorrow and we are EXCITED!
Thank you SO much for the visit and letting me share something very personal and special to me.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

day one 5th grade.

I found another layout that is up in one of the American Crafts gallery.  I just love this candid pictures of my handsome young man, I took him out right before school to the playground right in front of our house-he chose the poses-so cute!
 I just LOVE the Cut & Paste from American Crafts--versatile and FUN!  I truthfully can say that I LOVE every bit of this line from the papers to the stickers--AWESOME!
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Sunday, January 12, 2014


QUICK little post today, I wanted to share with you a simple little layout that I made for the American Crafts gallery:
I used the Peppermint Express for this layout--I think my favorite were the snowflake glitter stickers. glittery and pretty just like real snow.
I sure hope that your day is WONDERFUL--thanks for the visit!

Friday, January 10, 2014

your story.

I wanted to share my layout inspired by the AWESOME sketch by Diana Fisher:
This is my take:

As you can see I opted to add a card instead of a third picture for the layout.  This layout came together QUICKLY I loved using the This Life kit from Scrapbook Circle, it's FULL of yummy goodies and colors!
I wanted to spread the word so to speak...about a week ago I was watching the video collection by Wilna Furstenberg.  Just LOVE her artsy creativity!  One of the things that really stuck out to me was the way she journals.  She just writes notes to her girls, special things she is thinking about them, little gems of thoughts that she hopes will mean something to them later in life.  I really love that idea because truthfully I get STUCK with maybe when and where we took the picture.  In all reality it isn't the when and where as much as the feelings behind what your trying to share on the page.  I want to adopt that and use it from here on out.
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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I love this....

This layout is featured on the Scrapbook Circle blog today.  It's featuring the exclusive stamps included in the This Life kit.  I REALLY loved the stamps this month--FANTASTIC..with this layout I also used the exclusive stencil which I painted over the gesso (you can see it to the right over the title)  I love all the color on this page--we have artsy coloring in the blood, we both LOVE to create whether with paper or material it doesn't matter. I also LOVE this picture of me and my mommy together.

*side note* (yes, I am taller than my cute mommy ;) ) I have to say I broke the 5' 3" with a mighty 5' 6" height.  My girl is challenging that height but hasn't QUITE reached it yet, although she tries in EVERY picture with me to look taller than she really is!

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Sunday, January 5, 2014


I LOVE this month's Scrapbook Circle kit titled This Life.  I had the most fun with the vellum, I have to confess when I first used vellum I didn't really like it--it was VERY expensive and not to forward about 15 years and I LOVE it! ;)

I tried an experiment...I painted with Gesso on the background paper to show some dimension.  After this dried I adhered it (under where I knew it would be covered with pattern paper)..the look is just what I hoped it would be.  After I adhered it I wanted to see what it looked like when I sewed on it and distressed it a bit.  Yep, this layout was pretty much a "let's try this and see what happens!" kinda layout....Hope you let yourself do that every once in a while...I think sometimes we just take ourselves to seriously and forget to enjoy the process!
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Friday, January 3, 2014


Real quick share:
 I made this layout with the All is Bright kit from Scrapbook Circle.  We haven't had really that cool of weather here in Arizona, today the high was 70!  Wonder what the summer will bring...Anyway, I wanted to share my snowflakes upclose and personal:
 I cut them using my silhouette cameo and then I painted them with my glimmer mist.  It's quite lovely in person, glimmer and shiny kind of like snow looks when the sun hits it....
 This day was SUPER fun and I am grateful that I had my camera with me that day..
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