Thursday, February 28, 2013


In keeping with my goal of using my stash that INCLUDES pictures, these pictures have been sitting on my desk for a while just WAITING to be scrapped!  They are from a fun 1/2 day adventure at the zoo   I vividly remember this day as it was hot and in the spring--THANK goodness for the splash pad!
Fun little closeup you might not see just glancing at the page.
 For this layout I used the Story Time kit from Scrapbook circle--I used the add on paper pad using for 6 x 6 sheets to complete the background on top of a piece of cardstock.  I just LOVED working with this FUN and funky paper!
Thanks SO much for the visit--can you believe tomorrow is March already?!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I wanted to quickly share my creations for this month's American Crafts gallery:
for these wonderfully little books I spread out roller stamps, embellishments, and the 6 x 6 paper pad for the Ready, Set, Go line by Amy Tangerine--then went to town!
 these could make fun teacher's gifts, friend's gifts, sketchbooks--they are EASY and super FUN!  Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Monday, February 25, 2013


today I am getting a NEW dishwasher--thanks tax return!!  My dishwasher has been partly out of commission for a few months then completely out of commission for a few weeks meaning we have been hand washing everything--seriously not my favorite thing or anyone else's -kids kept trying to sneak off and not wash their own stuff--seriously?  YAY--for the new appliance that makes my life easier!

I wanted to share a layout I made for the Somewhere over the rainbow Challenge over on the Scrapbook Circle blog--there is a $10 prize so go check it out HERE if you are interested in playing a long!  So here is my take:

For this affect I just cut the paper at about 1 1/4 inches and laid them the opposite directions 
Yep, we actually went bowling on the first day of Fall Break--A LOT of fun--the first time for two of my children--how did that happen?  We had a blast and decided that bowling with bumpers is FUN! :)  FYI I used the Story Time kit from Scrapbook Circle to complete this layout--with a few cuts laying on my desk...
Thanks for the visit!  Oh, and if you decide to play along with the challenge you have until March 6!

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Last month I had a dream of creating a page using the ampersand-the next day I went to the Silhouette store and found all sorts of cuts, I ended up choosing: ampersand, &, and collection. I pretty much built my page around the & of the page--I did cut a few more pieces with my silhouette...(4 chevron borders, 4 borders, Jewelry Tag set, and album card set)  Each of the pieces were misted with tattered angels mist.  The rest of the page was created using the 5th and Frolic line from American Crafts:

if you click on the closeups it makes them larger:
I'm REALLY happy with the results--makes me happy looking at this page--also, I've learned to start loving 8 1/2 x 11 pages again--they fit JUST right into my 12 x 12 albums, so I don't have a separate album for them, I store them all together and no I don't really worry if they are chronologically in order--I'm just happy that the page is done. So glad today is the day of rest--we need it!  Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WINNER chicken dinner!

and the winner from the American Crafts Valentine's blog hop is:

Blogger Christina said...
Super cute card! I love how the hearts pop off of the arrow background! Thanks for the chance to win!
please contact me through my profile (to the right under my picture) with your mailing info--CONGRATS!

Bit of Bella News!

I wanted to share with you really quickly that I had another layout featured in the Bella Buzz newsletter!!  You can see the official announcement HERE.
To download the issue you can go HERE.
Thanks for letting me share my happy scrappy news--have a GREAT one!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It's been a few days!  (If you are looking for the American Crafts blog hop please scroll down...)  With President's Day weekend this past weekend that meant no school and also my daughter's first out of State Soccer tournament in Las Vegas.  The team did well placing about 15th out of 24 teams (their VERY first game was against the team that placed 2nd and they held the score low--the other team is ranked #1 in their state and my girl's team is 9th, this other team was prepared to stomp them and was surprised that the girls gave them a GOOD game!)--pretty EXCITING stuff!  

I wanted to share with you something that was up last week on the Scrapbook Circle blog, my take on Andrea's layout, you can see it HERE.  I LOVE this shot of my boy and his favorite BOY cousin:
I'm telling you they get SO excited when they know they get to see each other--definitely two peas in a pod!

some closeups:
 I used the Story Time kit for February to complete this layout--thanks for the visit!  I'm off and running!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

American Crafts blog hop!


Welcome to the American Crafts Valentine blog hop--I'm hoping you are enjoying your hopping and the treats that you have seen a long your way!  I used the XOXO line--LOVED it! ;)

For your hopping enjoyment:
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As a Valentine treat I am giving away some FUN American Crafts goodies deadline is February 20, 2013.  Good Luck and thanks for hopping by!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


in the past couple of weeks:
I turned 40...weird!
 my girls first game back ON my birthday...close match with the girl scoring 2 goals to help WIN--GREAT present!  Love these shots as the girl does a pull back and beats the girl to pass it off to a teammate....
 Hawaiian haystacks--love them they are delicious & sort of RANDOM...
 new running shoes because well..she is running track...her other pair were at least 2 1/2 years old...
 Ella patiently waiting for her boys to come home...notice the window is open?  LOVE cooler weather....
 waiting for track practice to be over...and was gifted with this COOL view...
 I was just excited, I've been looking out for this FOREVER!  I LOVE garlic and used this in the stew last night...
 some creating..I've been wanting to use a mustache on a layout!
Family nights, this one about the creation...each kid got to draw on their white boards....
 CHILLY soccer game 2 hours from home...kinda like this shot of the girl stealing the ball..and the look on the other girl's face and the look of calm on the girls face?  Have I mentioned I LOVE action shots?!
Life has been a bit busy and I've been spending it with the family...not sharing on the blog.  I have some creations to share which I will do in the next few days...Thanks though for being patient, life is happening now and I'm enjoying it!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

american crafts inspired by ads.

Today on the American Crafts blog these two layouts were featured.  We were challenged to find ads that inspired us to create!  These two inspiration pieces came from my Rachel Ray magazine: 
 my take (yes, the picture over my daughter's face was overshadowed by the sun....)
 Supplies: Honeycomb (71633) - Cardstock, Greenwich Village Paper (35838) - Soho Garden, Fox Gold (53414) - Thickers, Boho Black (53423) - Thickers, Jingle Crimson (53439) - Kringle and Co, East Village (89429) - Soho Garden Carded Ribbon, Carrot Brads (8479) - Elements, Metallic Buttons (85439) - Elements, Hudson Square (85608) - Bits, Poppy District (42273) - Remarks, High Line Park Paper (35831) - Soho Garden, Playtime Plaza Paper (35803) - 5th & Frolic, Today (59220) - Roller Date Stamp
The colors in this ad are actually my gir's FAVORITE colors--serendipity!
I had serious fun trying to figure out how to cut the arrows with my cameo!  I think it turned out pretty fun!
 Supplies: Simplicity Circle Paper (35801) - 5th & Frolic, 2nd & Oak Paper (35812) - 5th & Frolic, Little Moments Lane Paper (35808) - 5th & Frolic, Honey (71730) - Cardstock, 5th & Frolic Fabric & Epoxy Brads (85597) - Elements, Weekender Truffle (53395) - Thickers, Diara (53430) - Thickers, Fabric Stickers (42268) - 5th & Frolic Remarks
SUPER fun challenge--it really made me stretch and it was a GOOD stretch!
Thanks so much for the visit today!

Friday, February 1, 2013

happy valentine's day.

To early for Valentine inspiration?  I think NOT! :)  This happens to be one of the wonderful creations that is included in the February gallery at American Crafts:
a little closeup up of the fantastic heart:
 I cut the heart out using my cameo--actually is the leftovers of something else I made but can't share yet!
*FYI everything you see is from the wonderful XOXO line.  Thanks for visiting me on this QUICK post!