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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

christmas cards.

on Monday two of my cards were featured on the American Crafts blog!  (still a dream--seriously!)  Anyway I wanted to share them here as well:
For this card I cut the snowflake with my cameo--love that thing!  Then just layered up, it doesn't show up real well here but that snowflake in the middle has glitter on it.
this card was fun!  I stamped (the black frame), popped up the flower and even tied some twine, the banner behind the stamped piece was cut with my cameo.  I think maybe my favorite part of this particular card is the glitter ribbon--it's TRULY fabulous! :)
If you're curious about closeups you can click on each card and it will show you some up close pictures!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

yum. no I haven't fallen off the face of the earth.

well hello!  I know it's been several days since I've posted--life has been a bit busy...thanksgiving was fun filled with food, family, fun, shooting guns (1st for my boys...), catching up on sleep, and reading.  yesterday was a major catch up day laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning wise but I'm here for a little bit to share this fun layout of my boy and his cousin watching their uncle carve the pumpkin--they were horrified but curious:
 a little closeup:
thanks for the quick visit today!  Off to wake up boys and dogs! :)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funny.

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how come I didn't think of that?!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


due to a technical difficulty I couldn't really get on the internet yesterday and make a blog post, but thanks to a tech savvy hubby I'm up and running today!  I do need to make this quick as I have to run my boys to nook club this morning AND I have about 50 things to do today!
I made this fun little card with cuts from my cameo and the Harvest Moon kit From Scrapbook Circle.  I just LOVE the fall colors in this kit!
take care and thanks for the visit!

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I decided to play along with the Thanksgiving/Thank You challenge on the Simon Says Stamp Challenge blog.  I didn't have much time to create but I wanted to do something fun so this fit my schedule perfectly!
I LOVE this little turkey from the Cameo store!  I added a few pop dots to his body to give him life and of course googly eyes! :)  I even used Gesso for the background, I'm really starting to love that stuff!
I'm off to a parade this morning and a soccer game this afternoon--yay for a FUN day!!  thanks for the visit!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funny.

this made me laugh! (I'm sort of a nerd.  I watched the video on the new iphone..if you watch it on the apple site you will get it.)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

so yesterday....

I was thinking I have TIME to blog and share a layout.  I seriously thought I had written the post up and shared it--NOPE!  I had the page open but got distracted by something else...such is my life!  that being said I can STILL share my layout! :)
I made this layout for the woodgrain challenge that ended yesterday on the Scrapbook Circle blog.  the challenge was to work with woodgrain..I LOVE these trees that I cut with my cameo (I also cut the hearts, title, background that I used for a mask, tab & arrows)  these pictures are 4 years old and crack me up!  these two were joined at the hip the WHOLE day--they even shared a turkey leg!  I love their cute little faces... and YES we live in the dessert, there is NO snow on the ground, it gets chilly but is sure is FUN to play outside and not feel like you're going to melt!
well, I'm off and running--doing laundry---oooh!  I KNOW your jealous! ;) thanks for the visit!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

life. brothers.

life has been happening between blog posts, some days have been hectic while others we have been enjoying being together without a BUSY schedule.  while life has been happening some exciting blog posts have been happening at Scrapbook Circle that I have been a part of!  For example this month's sketch by Diana Fisher is up:
isn't it GREAT?!  you have until the 23rd to play along!  All the details can be seen HERE.
here is my take:
I had a great time using up cut scraps from other layouts and using cuts on this layout...these pictures crack me up!  I took them the first day of school, I was looking for a different background (the gray fence), I think I got ONE great shot the rest of the pictures I got were goofy--I "think" they might have been excited for the first day of school! :)  I finally used some Gesso...yes, I know what took me so long? lol!  I bought a small bottle from Michael's a few months ago and it's been sitting on my desk BEGGING to be used.  I really liked the look and plan on using it again!
some fun closeups:
 you can see the gesso here:
 happy Tuesday to you--I'm off to make some chocolate chip pancakes!

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

We are Family.

This layout was featured on the Scrapbook Circle blog on Tuesday.  My assignment was to use the WONDERFUL studio calico frames included in the Harvest Moon kit.  If you notice it's at the bottom of my set of pictures.  I decided to stamp on it and just leave it as is, I LOVE these frames they are SO fun to work with!  
a little closeup of my cameo cut.  I've had it for a while and was REALLY looking forward to using it:
This layout came together in like 20 minutes (after I cut the cut).  That doesn't normally happen for me but I pictured in my mind what I wanted to do.  And what was even more exciting for me is that I used these pictures that have been waiting to be scrapped for 2 years. I LOVE them--they were taken at a wedding reception in a photo booth set up.  My boys asked me to come take pictures with them, it was really fun! :)  That was probably the best reception I've ever been to, relaxed and FUN!
I'm off and running this morning--thank you SO much for the visit!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

1st day. election day. december daily news.

I can't believe I haven't shared this layout with you yet! It was one of my FAVORITES that I made with the News Flash kit (now sold out) from Scrapbook circle!  (if you must know I have LOTS of favorites ;) )
* I think it might be my favorite because of the little vellum banner.
* I think it might be my favorite because of the layered flowers that I cut with my cameo
* I think it might be my favorite because I FINALLY found a creative vibe for these pictures that are at year old!
* I think it might be my favorite because I had a BLAST making it! ;)
 some closeups:

Election day.  It's today. with OUT getting political:
* I 'm GRATEFUL for the freedom to vote.
* I'm GRATEFUL that today is the LAST day for political calls to my home, and those signs can ALL come down!
* I'm GRATEFUL that THIS debate will be over!

Thanks for the well wishes yesterday, I'm still not 100%.  If I sit still I don't feel as light headed--with that in mind I was able to make a SIZABLE dent into my December Daily thanks to Ali Edwards!  I also decided to use what I had on hand instead of spending $100 for a kit.  I have 6 x 12 sheet protectors that I bought for Project Life, you can see them HERE.  I already have an album on hand that I have had just sitting here.  Yes, the pages are VERY basic but with Ali's files I think that it will be just what I want it to be, DOABLE!  Yes, I will also be doing Project Life during that time.  The idea of the December daily is to tell ONE story for the day.  Project Life for me is more like a journal in that I do NOT limit myself with how much is said or if I say anything on a particular day--it's for ME!  When I'm feeling up to myself I will take pictures and share--thanks SO much for the visit today!

Monday, November 5, 2012


* right now I'm sitting in my PJ's not feeling so hot today, head hurts, tummy rumbling, achy's going around.
* grateful for technology that I can shop for something and have it shipped to me without getting out of my chair.
* oh! I forgot to mention my girl made VARSITY soccer as a Freshman!  that was a pretty exciting day Friday.
* I had sweet potato souffle yesterday (BEFORE) I started feeling bad, it was SO good!
okay, now on to the crafty share...I had to get all that out before I could post this:
One of my FAVORITE layouts that I made for this month's gallery over at Elle's studio.  Yes, I stamped and embossed, and used cuts from my silhouette, I also misted the square (which was a leftover from another cut).  If your curious, yes I've scrapped these pictures before...they are the last of this particular jumping series...
 closeups of course:
 well, I'm off to take a lie down, thanks for the visit today!  Hope you have a WONDERFUL day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


I've been wanting to share this layout since I made it!  This was up on the American Crafts Blog yesterday.
  some closeups you can't really see unless I show you:
I took this picture last year, while my son and his good buddy went trick or treating by themselves--they thought they were BIG stuff.  I was just glad they had a BLAST!  I can tell you that this layout took me a while and had a SUPER fun time making it! :)

I also wanted to share the card that was featured yesterday as well.....
I REALLY like the little bats!  I cut them with my cameo...they go along with the bats on the pattern paper that I didn't realize were bats!  I thought they were damasks! :)

*so today we are at my girl's soccer tournament today--GRATEFUL for cooler weather and cars that take us where we want to go when we want to go there!

*I've got Christmas pictures all over my fun to look back a couple of years on some.

*yesterday was the first time I ran outside in a couple of months with Ella dog, she was pooped--I felt GREAT!
she pretty much looked like this the whole day after.
I'm off!  Thanks SO much for the visit today!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Funny.

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yep--describes my kids PERFECTLY!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

love this moment. halloween review in photos.

*so yesterday was Halloween.  My boys with the help of their sister (who was their supervision with a cell phone) each child came home with an 8 1/2 pound pillow case of candy.  my boys filled up their cases and brought a spare... the weigh in was AFTER the purge and trading and donating to dad and mom's SAD bowl....I weighed the pillow cases before I HID them, no ONE has any control...
the night started like this:

*I kept telling him to flex his muscles...I think he thought I meant the ones in his face...
* then there is the hulk..who didn't like me bothering him...he got a little "angry"...

 *then I asked them to pose together, I was FIGHTING for light...this was the last shot I took...I think they *might* have had enough....
 this is the aftermath....and of COURSE Ella is helping!
Today being November 1 means that the new Elle's Studio gallery is up--AMAZING!!  Everyone did FANTASTIC!  That being said I want to share one of my layouts:
yes, this is the third and LAST layout of the same pictures...remember I make a layout for EACH child...I had more fun keeping it simple but also cut with my cameo and using the sweet life tags from Elle's studio--GREAT combo!

closeup of one of the cuts I made with my cameo:
that's it for today!  Thanks SO much for the visit!