Thursday, June 27, 2013

rad Barkley.

So this month's challenge (#55) on the Scrapbook Circle blog is Hipster trends or someone or in this case something that is a hipster:
 closeups of the cool Kat:
 This is Barkley dog--cousin to Ella dog and Dakota dog.  yep you got it this is my brother's family dog--he is hilarious!  This was taken at my nephew's graduation party last month.  Barkley doesn't bark much or really get obnoxious-he knows who is going to give him some love so he goes to those people and just waits for you.  I especially love the picture where he is smiling--my niece had a piece of food up over my head to get him to look!  LOL!  Whatever works right?!
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Monday, June 24, 2013

thumbs up!

This summer has been packed FULL of great movies, love it when that happens!  Here are the ones we have seen in no particular order.... (during the school year we don't really go to movies because of the lack of time, we sort of make up for that in the summer):
So good!  This was my hubby's favorite!
I'm a bit of a trekky so this for me was just AWESOME! Loved the twist that made it different than the past Star Trek movies, those Klingons--seriously AWESOME--I liked this one a lot!
SO cute!!  Made me laugh out loud, it really did.  I'm always impressed with Pixar's humor and cleverness.  yes, it's a sequel to another movie but I really enjoyed it!
this one was our first summer movie--intense but good!  I would have to say this was my favorite Iron Man out of the 3.
I still want to see some other movies including:
we used to listen to this on cassette (the old time radio) as kids.  I always thought the Lone Ranger was awesome--a movie?  Even better and Johnny Depp--should be a good time!
The first one made me laugh so silly, the kids are pretty excited about this one.
I realize this one is out, it doesn't have very good reviews so I think I will have to wait until it's released on DVD.  (I said video the other day and my son corrected me!)  I really like Will Smith and his son Jaden isn't a bad actor either...
seriously?  The Wolverine is probably my favorite X-man.... 'nough said!
LOVED the books, and actually met one of the actors in this movie. The kids and I are excited about this one!
Thanks for letting me share about the movies!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

4th of July.

time is speeding by but NO it's not the 4th--not yet....I did have a page featured on the American Crafts blog the other day with the theme of summer.  I shared one page yesterday, this is the other:
supplies used:
Supplies: Doting Dots Paper (35964) - Lucky Charm, Pretty Painterly Paper (35973) - Lucky Charm, Novelty Paper (35974) - Lucky Charm, Starlight (35981) - Lucky Charm, Stargazers Paper (35982) - Lucky Charm, Poppy (42387) - Thickers, Thickers Accent (42392) - Thickers, Accent and Phrase Stickers (42394) - Stickers, Phrase Roller Stamp (59177) - Stamp, Adhesive Buttons and Shapes (85650) - Embellishments, Wood Buttons and Epoxy Accents (85598) - Embellishments, Foam Dots (61709) - This To That, Charcoal Memory Marker (6113) - Marker
closeup of those FANTASTIC stars!

These pictures make me smile, this boy was being SO silly posing and making faces, I'm grateful for a camera that can take high speed photos and ready for a new shot almost immediately.  I ALWAYS have my camera set to high speed shutter to capture moments just like these.
I wanted to guide your eye to the stars that line the right hand corner of the layout, can you see that they shine?  I applied glossy accents to make them shine--such a fun and EASY way to add a bit of interest to the page.
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

wet parade.

I had this layout up on the American Crafts BLOG along with another yesterday (which I will share tomorrow--I like to not OVER load you to much!)  I love these candid shots of my boys enjoying what has become a family tradition.  The fire truck is the crowning event of the 24th of July celebration parade in St. Johns (small rural community 4 hours north of us).  By the end of the parade it's usually hot and everyone is ready to COOL down!  Me, I prefer to watch and take pictures of the event:
products I used:
Supplies: Remember Paper (35925) - Yes Please, Sentiment Paper (35928) - Yes Please, Reflect Paper (35938) - Yes Please, Productive Paper (35943) - Yes Please, Treasure Specialty Paper (35948) - Yes Please, Black (53455) - Thickers, Embroidery Stencil Kit (63070) - Embellishments, Organize (42364) - Stickers, Life (42365) - Remarks, Genuine (42368) - Remarks, Discover Puffy (42366) - Remarks, Authentic Roller Date Stamp (59175) - Stamps, Aspire Clear Stamps (59172) - Stamps, Dream Rub ons (42369) - Embellishments, Simplify Vellum Shapes (85628) Embellishments, Embrace Flair Badges (85624) - Embellishments, personal Elements Buttons (85630) - Embellishments, Premium Ribbon (58869) - Ribbon, Charcoal Memory Marker (6113) - Marker
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

let's rock.

This picture totally cracks me up!  This was last month, the Sunday after we went and saw Iron Man 3 in (3-d, it was our first time for a 3-d movie--FUN!) Anyway, we had our family's glasses plus my parents glasses plus our aunt and Uncle's glasses PLUS he wears glasses--silly kid!  Was a typical low key Sunday at my house!
 closerup pictures ;)
 I really liked working with the papers and embellishments in the First Avenue kit from Scrapbook Circle--wonderful for girl and boy pages and SO hip!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!


Happy Father's day to those wonderful father's out there--saw this beautiful video and had to share!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Scrapbook Circle giveaway!

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I wanted to give you a point in the right direction for a SUPER awesome class given by Ali Edwards!! Head on over to the Scrapbook Circle BLOG for a giveaway to Ali's Hello Story Class.  Be quick as the deadline to be considered for the giveaway is June 17.  GOOD luck!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

my gang.

I LOVE this picture, it was my birthday we were getting my free lunch at one of my FAVORITE places Joe's farm grill.  What makes it my favorite is that I got a fun picture with my BEAUTIFUL children--love these kids even though sometimes they drive me crazy  they also make me laugh and make me very proud to be their mom!
 look at the pop up action of my picture:
I think I have to admit that the American Crafts Lucky Charm line is probably my favorite BECAUSE it is SO diverse--I catch myself grabbing for it A LOT!  Enjoying the summer with my kiddos and NO schedule--yippee!
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

the long jumper.

I wanted to share another layout using the First Avenue (June Kit) from Scrapbook Circle.  I wanted to try my hand at triangles, they seem to be very popular right now and I wanted to challenge myself to see what I could come up with.  I initially started with these triangles down at the lower left hand side of this paper, but it just didn't look right.  I flipped the page and it was just what I was looking for!
 closeups (if you click on them you can see them larger):
 yes, this is my fantastic girl jumping at state.  I was literally sitting on the ground outside the gate with my long lens sticking through.  Thank goodness there was nothing in the way!  I got some fantastic shots--I really like the one where she is landed in the sand and still stretching--yep proud of that girl I am!  And glad that I could scrap that moment in time for her! :)
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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I'm home.

today the June sketch went up on the Scrapbook Circle blog-easy and FUN!  Of course I HAD to play!  here is my take on the sketch:

 Little closeup of the EXCLUSIVE flair button and rubon:
These pictures were fun--I thought I would take pictures of my boy coming home from school.  this is the way Ella dog sees the kids coming home and she gets SO excited!!  Scrapping an everyday moment was REALLY fun!  I used the First Avenue kit from Scrapbook Circle to complete this layout.
Life has been full of camps, soccer, scout, and girl's camp--FUN stuff!!  Busy is fun in the summer--thanks SO much for the visit today I REALLY appreciate it! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

hello friend.

I love simple cards, they are quick to make and they exactly what you want:
I used the (sold out) My Favorite kit from Scrapbook Circle to put this quick card together.  So quick it got sent out the day that I made it! :) 
Sorry this is a quick post I'm on the run--thanks for stopping by!