Sunday, June 29, 2014

who knew?

my layout based on the above sketch:
yes, another favorite.  This looks more FABULOUS in person I'm telling you.
1. I painted the background with a pearl colored mist--it actually matches my daughters blouse in the picture.
2. the title I heat embossed with clear--it gives it some dimension.
3. The heart over the # sign in the bottom right hand corner is also heat embossed.
4. I also sewed on some vellum--it's clear and hard to see but like I said in person it's fabulous.
5. I just have so many favorite parts of this layout, but the layered flowers in the corner are a mix of card stock and clear acrylic.
6. This is the picture that I took of the first day of school this past year, the journaling are all the unexpected things that happened this year--it was a year review of sorts....

I'm off and running today--thanks SO much for the visit!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

long jumping.

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This is one of my "FAVORITES" now for several reasons.
supplies come from the Hello kit from Scrapbook Circle.
1. The picture.  (love his concentration and height of the jump, but also the view of his competitors in the background)
2. the vellum stars.
3. the title--really like how that came together.
4. the pop of green.
5. I saw this in my brain and it came out the way I saw it there.
6. stars, I just love those.

Thanks for the visit! ;)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

lens love.

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Another quick post today:
I shared this layout on the Scrapbook Circle--my challenge was to "keep it real"--you can see the post HERE.  I was SO excited to get this lens for this past Christmas--I've taken some REALLY fun sports shots.  Thanks SO much for the visit today!!

Monday, June 23, 2014

father's day cards.

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summer has been SO busy and FUN but I did want to share my Father's day cards I had up on the American Crafts blog:
 I LOVED using the DIY shop line for these--Thanks SO much for the QUICK visit today!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

heck yes.

Using up stash and a new FREEBIE cut from Kerri Bradford on this layout:
She has some SUPER cute cuts in the section I linked you too--GO check them out!  For this page I just played..adding whatever I felt like no pressure, some items had been on my desk for months, some items I've had for a few years.  Celine Navarro was narrating one of her tutorials (just LOVE her inspiring work!) and she said something that struck me and now I'm trying to embrace it!  It DOESN'T matter, if it feels good to you it is.  Don't worry about what other people think, you are creating for you--LIBERATING!  The creative juices just started flowing and felt good--felt good to step outside some box I made up in my mind--you should try it!  Create just to create and feel GOOD about the process!
Thanks SO much for the fun visit today!

Friday, June 13, 2014


A couple of weeks ago I played a long with this layout from the October Afternoon blog:
Have I ever mentioned that I REALLY enjoy working with sketches, I haven't done that really, I had forgotten how much I enjoy taking the HARD "think" out of it by using a sketch!
I LOVE this picture!  my handsome son being goofy with the camera catching me talking to my daughter as we prepare for a long cool day.
I used a lot of older OA product--think I mentioned it before but I hoard papers I like--don't know why I don't use them!  That is my goal since I cleaned out my stash--use what you have EVEN the stuff you LOVE!  So I've been making different little projects which I will share in the next little bit, thanks SO much for the visit!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

awesome day at the beach.

these pictures totally crack me up!  My youngest was so taken with chasing the seagulls--thankfully he didn't get RIGHT under one as it flew by!
(supplies can be found in the My Fave add-on)
This layout was SO quick!  I had 6" x 6" sheets from the a paper pad I cut them down to 5 1/4" x 5 1/2" and adhered them to the page.  I copied the same look with my pictures which are mounted on white card stock--then popped up with dimensional dots.  I then embellished the page with stickers, stamps, sequins and other embellishments.
Hoping to hit another beach in the next few weeks--EXCITED to have an adventure out of the HEAT!
Thanks for the visit!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

red corvette.

aren't these two ADORABLE?  This is a picture of my parents dating 49 years ago--they are SO young.  My mom's joke is that she married my dad because he had a SWEET red corvette, umm he's sort of handsome too! ;)
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

good times.

Summer is in full swing here and I've been playing and hanging out with my kiddo...but I do have a layout to share with you that uses the new Hello There kit from Scrapbook Circle, I was to feature the burlap shapes included in the kit:
I thought they were so pretty I just left them the way they came--beautiful and textured.  I love these fun pictures of my boy and his two really good friends--this was a couple of years ago, and those boys have REALLY grown tall--they are still good friends!
Thanks for the visit here today--sure hope your day is totally fantastic!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

the anchor.

I had a challenge up on the scrapbook circle blog of lifting Rebecca-you can see the challenge HERE.  This is the layout I created:
this particular "story" happened 2 years ago.  It was the ONLY time that I didn't video my daughter running--that day taught me that I should ALWAYS video.  Thankfully I did have my camera on me and could sort of document the last bit of the race.  I was looking through my pictures and realized that this infamous race was never documented.  (I say infamous because even though it happened 2 years ago--people that were there STILL talk about it.  And I'm NOT just talking about me or her father. ;))
I tried something new--experimented if you will by painting on the background with a deep turquoise mist--the affect was AWESOME!  It took the bright green sheet to the color of my daughter's uniform in the picture--pretty cool!
Thanks SO much for the visit today--sure hope your day is FANTASTIC!!