Sunday, June 15, 2014

heck yes.

Using up stash and a new FREEBIE cut from Kerri Bradford on this layout:
She has some SUPER cute cuts in the section I linked you too--GO check them out!  For this page I just played..adding whatever I felt like no pressure, some items had been on my desk for months, some items I've had for a few years.  Celine Navarro was narrating one of her tutorials (just LOVE her inspiring work!) and she said something that struck me and now I'm trying to embrace it!  It DOESN'T matter, if it feels good to you it is.  Don't worry about what other people think, you are creating for you--LIBERATING!  The creative juices just started flowing and felt good--felt good to step outside some box I made up in my mind--you should try it!  Create just to create and feel GOOD about the process!
Thanks SO much for the fun visit today!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Love love love this! That photo is awesome and loving the stitching on the title!!!!

Kim said...

Love the combo of patterns on this one .

Ashley Horton said...

Such a fun layout Diana, and I love the cut file for your title!