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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project Life July 15-21

Quick drive by post to share a July week:
I loved this week!  GREAT pictures SUPER fun playing with cousins, enjoying icees, and riding horses!  yep that would be a lot of 9 to 5 from October Afternoon--it was on my desk and I LOVE it! :)

Today is a half day which means the boys will come home HUNGRY--thank you little Caesar's for having a meal for $5! :)  Should be a GREAT day!
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Monday, August 27, 2012

Take 2.

2 years ago I made this layout:

I remember feeling great about FINALLY scrapping these photos.  (I'm about 21 in these pictures)  I LOVED these jeans, I liked the design and they were comfy.  This is about the time I met my hubby and he DID NOT like these jeans for WHATEVER reason.  Funny!  So I decided to feature that in the story I told about these jeans.  I wanted it to feel like this home in the background-it's where I grew up. When I  think of  this home I think quilts and patterns, my mom was always designing and because of lack of space she would place the pieces up on the curtain in our dining room.  See I "quilt" but on paper! :) 

Okay, fast forward two years and a couple of months.  My assignment today was to take another take on my layout.  I still wanted to capture that "home" feeling and decided to repeat this design.  I decided on my take 2 layout to sew more:
I actually love that extra sewing AND I also decided to pop my pictures out just a touch so that they were more center stage:
these pictures I took last month in a small town where my hubby grew up--LOVE these sunflowers!  My boy was such a good sport, crawling into the bed of flowers CAREFULLY not to step on anything else....
These layouts are featured on the Scrapbook Circle website as well.  LOVED the True Stories kit this month.
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Funny

For those that remember the muppets:

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I like it a lot!  I'm usually a drive by pinner--I follow certain people I know that I will like and pin from their pins--try to stay away from the general populice as sometimes there are some scary things on there.  Occasionally I will search for scrapbooking, and pin from those but generally I stay where it's "safe" and I usually scan through that at night as we watch our "shows".  ANYWAY, I wanted to share with you a few recipes and things that I've tried and liked!  If you are interested in following my liked items I've made a board it's called Pinterest recipes I've tried and LOVED, the link is HERE.

1. Soaking your fruit:
I did this the other day and was WAY surprised at the amount of stuff that came off my fruit.  The water even had an oily hew to it.  I usually rub my fruit and rinse--from now on I will be cleaning it this way!

2. French Toast Muffins:
yes, there is  A LOT of sugar BUT they are tasty!  My kids loved them--so if you are looking for something sweet that will satisfy, I recommend this!

3. White Chicken Enchilada:
I have to be honest this recipe surprised me!  I think that it surprised me is because it really doesn't take that many ingredients and it's YUMMY another thumbs up from EVERYONE!  The first time I made it I follwed the instructions exactly.  I am not really a fan of enchiladas that call for flour tortillas as they get soggy & gooey if you want to reheat them or if they sit to long.  So the second time I made them I made some alterations:
* I used corn tortillas and layered them like you you would lasagna make sure to put a little sauce on the bottom so that the tortillas don't burn.  I also used Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream, and finally I used pepper jack cheese instead of the monterey jack--conclusion?  THAT is the way I will make them from now on!  WOW--that pan was licked clean!  yes, there was a "little" kick but I like that.  if you don't you can just make it the normal way subbing out the tortillas.  And why did I add Greek yogurt?  simply put--healthier option--you really can NOT taste the difference.*

so there you have it!  my take on my favorites from Pinterest--I will be adding more things to that folder in the future.  Today I'm trying another recipe--it smells good as it's cooking in the crock pot--I just hope it tastes good!

thanks for stopping by!  Happy pinning! 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

a bit of news!

I got an email yesterday from a Ms. Paige Evans asking me if I wanted to part of the American Crafts design team!  SERIOUSLY?!  I am NOT joking when I sat there and stared at the email sort of rubbing my eyes!  (someone stepped down and there is a vacancy...) I got up from my chair and ran a lap around the house pumping my fists--Ella puppy thought I was playing so she decided to run with me!  (now you KNOW you would be doing something VERY similar!)  I then shakily sat down typed out my reply and hit send.  what an adrenaline rush!  I have to tell you I feel VERY humbled and blessed by this opportunity--THANK you American Crafts!  and thanks to Ms. Paige for putting up with my silliness yesterday! ;)
she sent me this:
it's proof for me, still sitting here on cloud 9!  THANKS for letting me share my HAPPY news!
now I'm off to sam's club....thanks for the visit today!

Monday, August 20, 2012

project life 8-14

this week again was filled with pictures and journaling so I have a page and a half:
This is the week that my niece got married and she asked me to take pictures at her reception.  That was   a challenge because I was running in and outside and it was storming (NOT the best for lighting) but I did get some FANTASTIC pictures!
this one was taken by my SIL and cracks me up!  My middle son's face is classic, while my youngest...who knows what he's looking at! :)
6th grade shots...I am REALLY loving hexagons!
 picture of the reflection of the clouds in the standing water at the park (I shared this already but it STILL is cool!)  oh, and that heart cloud stuff is Washi tape!  One of my favorites!

 I just added this one cause I like it! :)
Today has been a full day and FUN!  my girl is home from high school and we are debriefing on her day.  she is telling me ALL about meal worms....just glad I wasn't there to see those.... :)
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