Thursday, August 23, 2012


I like it a lot!  I'm usually a drive by pinner--I follow certain people I know that I will like and pin from their pins--try to stay away from the general populice as sometimes there are some scary things on there.  Occasionally I will search for scrapbooking, and pin from those but generally I stay where it's "safe" and I usually scan through that at night as we watch our "shows".  ANYWAY, I wanted to share with you a few recipes and things that I've tried and liked!  If you are interested in following my liked items I've made a board it's called Pinterest recipes I've tried and LOVED, the link is HERE.

1. Soaking your fruit:
I did this the other day and was WAY surprised at the amount of stuff that came off my fruit.  The water even had an oily hew to it.  I usually rub my fruit and rinse--from now on I will be cleaning it this way!

2. French Toast Muffins:
yes, there is  A LOT of sugar BUT they are tasty!  My kids loved them--so if you are looking for something sweet that will satisfy, I recommend this!

3. White Chicken Enchilada:
I have to be honest this recipe surprised me!  I think that it surprised me is because it really doesn't take that many ingredients and it's YUMMY another thumbs up from EVERYONE!  The first time I made it I follwed the instructions exactly.  I am not really a fan of enchiladas that call for flour tortillas as they get soggy & gooey if you want to reheat them or if they sit to long.  So the second time I made them I made some alterations:
* I used corn tortillas and layered them like you you would lasagna make sure to put a little sauce on the bottom so that the tortillas don't burn.  I also used Greek yogurt instead of the sour cream, and finally I used pepper jack cheese instead of the monterey jack--conclusion?  THAT is the way I will make them from now on!  WOW--that pan was licked clean!  yes, there was a "little" kick but I like that.  if you don't you can just make it the normal way subbing out the tortillas.  And why did I add Greek yogurt?  simply put--healthier option--you really can NOT taste the difference.*

so there you have it!  my take on my favorites from Pinterest--I will be adding more things to that folder in the future.  Today I'm trying another recipe--it smells good as it's cooking in the crock pot--I just hope it tastes good!

thanks for stopping by!  Happy pinning! 


Diane Payne said...

I've used that method to clean fruit fabulous!

Kathy Martin said...

I LOVE Pinterest! I'm a pin addict! ;) I've found so many fabulous recipes, books I've read and endless inspiration. What did we ever do before Pinterest?!?!? ;)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yum!!!!! I need to try those muffins!!!!

Jingle said...

Now I'm hungry! LOL!

Jamie Harder said...

Love Pinterest! Thanks for sharing is great to try ones that others have already tested:-)