Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's Go!

I had the chance to play a long with the sketch this month over at Scrapbook Circle, had a blast playing with a different colored cardstock and color shine--really love the color, vibrant and shiny!
the sketch:
my take:
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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This is one of those layouts I LOVE, many reasons why.  I FINALLY figured out how to scrap this particular picture, love that I added stitching in a creative different way, the topic & subject are dear to my heart:
my girl hurdling!  Last year as an 8th grader she was undefeated, pretty AMAZING   ..the second place girl was at the time a stranger, but now a good friend because they play on the same soccer team.  The third place girl?  ALSO a soccer player who's grandpa is in our ward (congregation at church) and she shares the same birthday as my girl...FUNNY how small the world is--isn't it?!
ALL the goodies you see on the page are from the Lucky Charm line from American Crafts.
closeups of course!:
 On a side note the girl isn't doing to shabby in high school either...holding her own against the big girls and improving herself is a pretty awesome thing to watch.
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Friday, April 19, 2013

as seen on Shimelle's blog!

I was SO excited when Shimelle contacted me to be a guest designer on her blog--seriously a TREAT to play with the sketch!  Here is a little sneak of my layout:
(Copyright Diana Waite for
For more details and the sketch go and check out Shimelle's BLOG!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

too funny.

this page is featured on the Scrapbook Circle Blog today:
this picture make me smile!  it's from a few years ago at CHA with some of the other Scrapbook Circle design team members.  LOVE the props--they were hilarious!
for this layout I used the Good Times add on for April, as well as the main kit Happy Place.  For the background of the layout I brushed some wonderful Gold Color Shine--love that stuff!
 I really had a blast playing with the American Crafts vellum stickers--they are really versatile!  Thanks for the visit today--hope you have a GREAT one!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

it's all about the Pinterest food!

So last week I decided that I was going to go through my Pinterest recipes and actually make some!  I pin them with good intentions but sometimes...ANYWAY, I went through my list of items and then made a grocery list of the things I needed to make these lovely items.  And I can truthfully say that they were all GOOD some were GREAT!  (I say good because my kids liked them more than I did or I liked them more than they did!)  If it's highlighted in red then it's the link to where you can find the recipe!
in no particular order:
Baked Chicken Chimichangas:
this one was a GREAT recipe--5 thumbs up on this one!  Even my girl with sore teeth from braces couldn't stop eating....

Better than Take out Fried Rice:
this one another GREAT!  That being said I personally would use 2 Tbsp. of sesame oil instead of 3 it was a little strong on the taste.  They fought over the left overs....

Two Tim'n Pasta:
this one was GOOD, one of my kiddos didn't really care for it.  Next time though I think I would add some cooked chicken.  This was by far one of the EASIEST to assemble and quick!  I used Paul Newman's Own marinara and Alfredo sauce--it literally took me 5 minutes to decide which brand to buy!

Edna Mae's Sour Cream pancakes:
these were GREAT!  I had to end up making a double batch--I subbed Greek yogurt for the sour cream because that's how we roll around here.  One of my boys said it tasted like doughnuts.... definitely a keep recipe!  It is a "little" time consuming so if you are making it for kids before school you need to give yourself some extra time.

Ranch Chicken Strips:
these were a GOOD.  4 out of 5 thumbs up.  My boys totally LOVED them--in fact one of my boys called the leftovers before we were done eating!
yes, have you noticed a trend we eat a lot of chicken I guess!

Crock Pot boneless style BBQ ribs:
this was definitely a GREAT!  My mouth is watering right now--I am not a huge BBQ fan but these turned out surprising good.  One of my boys just LOVES ribs, which is funny to me because he hates to get his hands dirty...ANYWAY, he really liked these!  FYI: I used Famous Dave's sweet and zesty BBQ sauce.

Dreamy Oreo Brownies:
a GREAT!  My teenage daughter could NOT wait until I finished these bad boys!  I subbed in mint oreos because I LOVE them!  A WARNING, a little bit goes a LONG way.  They are SWEET and RICH, but good!  The boys were trying to make plans on how to carry them in their lunches....I told them they could have it after school! ;)

I love to try new recipes,  hate making the same thing all the time, I have couple more recipes I will try this week that I will move over to my Pinterest folder that is title Pinterest recipes I've tried and LOVED.  What I normally do with my recipes is place them in this folder and also print out a hard copy so that if any thing ever happens and I don't have an Internet connection I can still have the recipe!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

today the avenger,

boy, has time been FLYING I've been meaning to post this layout for a few days but we have been busy with life!  These pictures totally CRACK me up!  This is my middle boy, it was a half day at school and that means it was spirit day (or show school spirit).  Anyway, the theme for the day was dress up as your favorite super hero.  My boy likes ALL of the Avengers so he dressed up as every single one: Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hawk Eye, Black Widow and Hulk.  I had to ask because I wasn't sure what he was going!  Of course I had to take pictures!

I think he had a FABULOUS time--watcha think?!  oh, I used the FANTASTIC Yes, Please line to create this page.  Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I really enjoyed working with this month's kit over at Scrapbook Circle.  This month's kit is called Happy Place--it's packed with yummy goodies, I also purchased the Good Times add on.  For this particular layout I wanted to use a predominately white background with a touch of misting.
I used the mist to "paint" (with my foam paint brush) behind the journaling--I LOVED this EASY little touch.
Funny story about these pictures?  I went to CHA in 2010 and brought back these fun chef's hats that cricut was giving away as a promotion for their cricut cake.  The kids obviously LOVED them and couldn't wait to start baking with their new hats--they ended up making pancakes.
Life has been SUPER busy with track meets, soccer games, and LIFE.  Thanks for hanging around and coming to visit me today!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

cards with leftovers.

so I made 4 cards with my Happy Place kit (Scrapbook Circle) scraps.  They aren't fancy but I had fun making them, I had to snap pictures with my phone because they had to go out in the mail:
 like I said nothing super fancy but they were fun to layer up.  I did have to add a few items from off my desk (like letter stickers) but that's it!  I did pop all of the flowers up with pop dots--LOVE those things!  Thanks for the visit today!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Today I would like to share with you an experiment.  This particular layout is featured on the Scrapbook Circle blog today, my challenge was to use the Heidi Swapp letters included in the new Happy Place kit.  I wanted the gold on the back ground and in the layout to pop so I decided to paint my letters with gesso, then mist them with some gold Color Shine by Heidi Swapp.  After they were dry I added some pop dots to the back of the title.
 you can see a closeup of the title:
A closeup of the see thru coolness:
 this was a fun layout!  I got to try a few techniques that I have been wanted to play around with and I really like how everything came together.  Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Monday, April 1, 2013

sea urchin. lift

Today on the Scrapbook Circle blog I have a layout featured because I had the opportunity to do a lift--I always love the challenge of looking at another's page and then deciding what I am going to do with the inspiration, here is what I came up with:
some closeups:
 little back story on these photos.  We had the blessing of going to Maui last September and go snorkeling for the first time.  After I got myself comfortable with my equipment I was able to take these pictures with my phone.  (I had a special water adapter..)  My hubby swam down and grabbed a sea urchin for me to get a closer look at (I was to much of a chicken to dive down in the water...)  It was SO cool!  (I need to add that I used the new Happy Place kit to complete this layout.)
Thanks for the visit today!  Hope your Monday is FANTASTIC!!