Saturday, June 30, 2012

Trek 2012

Believe it or not these are NOT all the pictures I took! :)  I had a TON of GREAT shots from my sweet little point and shoot camera.  Like I said before this was an AMAZING journey and I'm grateful I got to make it with my girl and hubby.  Remember when I said I had a TON of 9 to 5 by October Afternoon?  I LOVE that woodgrain paper and it made the perfect background for this outdoor layout.
I loved using their washi tape (days of the week), I just cut the days that we were actually on the trek.
title closeup:
I used a bit of distressing ink so that the letters would stand out and that the label wouldn't be so BRIGHT white.  Haven't done THAT in a while-- forgot how much fun that was! :)
I'm off and running thanks SO much for the visit today!
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Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Project Life May 27- June 2

the week that started with memorial day and ended with the trek--BUSY/FUN week, yes there was A LOT of journaling.  I didn't add all of the pictures of the trek I took (I did a layout and will feature that on Saturday)  For this week I also added a picture of my Papa, found it in the stash of pictures from my Nanny--since I think of him during Memorial day I thought it fitting to add him in the week.  I used bits of the Let Freedom Ring kit from Scrapbook Circle, and some "stash".  So happy to include a bit more stamping in this weeks (chevron).  Project Life ROCKS!
Thanks so much for the visit today--hope you are off making memories!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

soccer uk summer camp

the last three days have been FILLED with layouts from UK summer soccer camp--my kids LOVED it--don't worry tomorrow will NOT have another layout about camp! :)  I had left overs from the Let Freedom Ring kit from Scrapbook Circle and decided they would be a FUN addition to my layout :

cameo cuts:  the title, the arrows were actually left over from my daughter's layout,  The star came from the center of the label.
cricut cut: brown tag cut from my cricut LONG ago but sitting on the desk.

The fun parts I want to get to are the fact that I embossed!  See the little stars at the very top?  yep! (they came from the $1 bin from Michaels) The other bit that is embossed is the snap shot--I then punched it out with one of my circle punches.  I'm TOTALLY digging the embossed makes everything look more crisp.
Other "old" stuff on the page? the sticker under camp, and the letter stickers, the border sticker along the top underneath the title...see using up the stash is GOOD! :)
Do you see the washi tape?  The red strip next to the "main" picture--instead of ripping it I just cut it straight across with my scissors--seriously LOVE that stuff!

We are in the process of helping my son earn a merit badge for Boy Scouts.  Part of his merit badge is to do a major project with his family.  He decided that he would help his sister paint her room, she was excited and so was I!  I'm the painter--I'm a self proclaimed perfectionist when it comes to painting in this house.  8 years ago when we bought it we washed primed and painted EVERYTHING including ceilings.  The people before us smoked and I can't handle the smell.  So we had to use Kilz (oil based) to lock in the odor after we washed the walls and ceilings.  I should say my hubby did MOST of the Kilz and all of the ceilings while I did the color.  I just couldn't stand it if anyone else painted,  I just did it myself--it took us from November until January.  It was QUITE the job and I really haven't touched a paint brush since then.  I was BURNT out, although I did go through last month to do touch ups on scratches and nail pops.  I tell you I was excited because the hardest part about painting is the washing and taping of the walls.  That being said, my kids are working as a team and getting it done--yipee! :)  I did take some before pictures, I'll probably take some more.  The room is currently purple, when we are done it will be a turquoise color--it's real pretty.  One thing that will be tough is that now we have carpet that we like, when I painted the first time I was flinging paint EVERYWHERE because we re-carpeted...we made our list.  I remember my favorite tools for success, so the room should be ALL painted by the end of the week.  Should be awesome for my almost freshmen...

That being said I'm off to check progress--thanks for the visit today!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

dream big..UK soccer camp

I have some FUn scrappy news to share!  Yesterday my I LOVE wake boarding layout was featured on the club CK blog!  SO exciting--thanks!
So yesterday I shared the layout of my son and his experience with UK soccer club today I wanted to share my daughter's, I used the Sketch from the Greenfrog Studio (LOVE this sketch!):

some closeups--click to make them larger...
 For this layout I used up some of my older AWESOME stash!  For instance the clear heart tab--Fancy Pants & I embossed the LOVE stamp AND the dream big.  I haven't embossed on something in FOREVER--forgot how magical it is! :)  Love how the powder melts--just COOL!
*FORGOT to mention that all the paper I used came from the 6x6 pad of PB & J paper from Basic Grey*
Not much to say today--THANKS for the visit!!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

UK soccer camp lift...Amy Tan

so Two Peas has a challenge going this week.  I actually started the challenge BEFORE it came through--to lift a Garden Girl--I chose to THIS layout by Amy Tan.  Fabulous right?!  This is what I came up with:

Some closeups of course:
 this was a FUN layout to work with, it took me longer than I wanted BUT I had a BLAST doing it!  There are a lot of goodies and 2 different washi tapes! :)  LOVE that stuff!
I'm off and running--THANKS for the visit today!
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