Friday, February 27, 2009


sadness my ipod is FROZEN good thing itunes works though....rockin to Ace of Base (I know, I'm aging myself...)
Yesterday I  had the best time playing with the March kit from Scrapbook Circle my pages came together quickly!  Of course I used some great sketches from Pink Sketches (that always helps!)  So here we go:
Supplies used:
pattern paper: Jillibean soup (they're new and AWESOME!), Pebbles
letters: American crafts
brads: Making Memories
rubons: Kaiser
journaling card: Jenni Bowlin
sticker: Pink Paislee
cardstock: Bazzill
supplies used:
Swiss dot cardstock: bazzill
border & letter stickers: Pink Paislee (new from CHA)
letter stickers: Making memories
pattern paper: Pebbles

(Okay I have to tell you when I look at Do you know the muffin man, I can hear the gingerbread man from the Shrek movie....totally makes me laugh.)  This is DS first time making muffins ALL by himself, I was just for paparazzi support. :)
Thanks for stopping by!  This March kit is awesome, I know as of yesterday she only had 3 left....Have a FABULOUS day! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009


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In an effort to make room for my new computer, things had to moved around and yes, cleaned out!  Feels like I collect more stuff everyday, (doesn't help that when my family sees a clear table they have to bring me their things and put it on there!)  Anyway, I cleaned off my french board and realized I had a bunch of birth, graduation, and wedding announcements that I really didn't want to throw away.  But how to store them?  I didn't want to make a scrapbook, then I remembered a organizer that I had made for cards a couple of years ago.  I saw the instructions HERE, and the gal even e-mailed me the PDF file to print off for myself.  It saved my bacon and I ended up with a couple of cute organizers in the process. (I am going to work on the baby one this weekend...hopefully....we have a busy weekend with soccer pictures and games)  So here is what I came up with:
Supplies used:
pattern paper: SEI
Wedding letters: Making memories
Grads letters: American Crafts

I'm still getting the hang of this computer (yes, I made the switch from a PC to a MAC, and I really like it so far!)  and how to find my pictures, so I am pretty proud that I found these tonight! :)  Thanks for stopping in, I will have pages to share tomorrow, the lighting is horrible right now, and I am SLEEPY!  I spent ALL day cleaning for guests and they aren't least I have a clean house, AND dinner was ready and waiting when we got back from scouts!  Makes me feel complete, and tired! :)  Good night!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

March sneak up at Scrapbook Circle!!

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Oh, my this is SO exciting our first kit with new stuff from CHA is in the march kit!  HERE is a sneak.  This looks like so much fun, I almost can't contain my excitement! :)
I hoping to get to play today, my desk is nice and clean and things are put away and organized, now for REMEMBERING where I put everything and PLAYING! :)
Hope everyone has a Fabulous day!! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009


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So Wednesday was half day for my kiddos, after the day off Monday....(hmmm...they needed to spread the fun out a bit!)  Anyway, I decided to do something different, we went out to Pei Wei's.  The kids had the best time eating with their chop sticks.  I tried for while but wished I had the little plastic doohickeys the kids had!  I gave up and used my fork.
Anyway, one of my fortune cookies (you can never just have one!) fortunes said, "Endurance and persistence will be rewarded."  
I liked that...I guess it did because we FINALLY got our selves a new computer.  After 7 years and the hard drive basically dying it was time for a newbie.  And I am glad that I have something that actually WORKS!  I've basically taken it over because it's on my desk, which means that I have to rearrange my scrapping supplies AGAIN, but this is good because who knows what treasures lie in one of my piles! :)
I do have some things I can share but I have to figure out how to add and where things are.  Maybe tomorrow between loads of laundry.... :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day after Valentines....

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well, we were having so MUCH fun yesterday that this post didn't happen!  But here are my kiddos bags and I put yummy, dipped pretzels inside....
I planned on having them getting up early and having them on the table but they beat me up, so I had to sneak them out for them....they were still surprised! :)

And yesterday morning I made this for my nephew who got baptized yesterday, I like how it turned out....
He seemed to like it too.... :)
supplies used:
 zutter bind it all
pattern paper & rubons: We R Memory Keepers
Print Master
fiskars circle punch

Thursday, February 12, 2009

RAndom and a LayOut

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This is TOTAllY random....
you know you are tired when you fall asleep in the dentist office!  Last week I was waiting for DS to get sealants on his teeth.  Older DS has read me his book and started to watch the Disney Channel.  Well, I had gone to the gym that day my rough class that I hadn't been to in like 3 weeks and I was wiped out!  Also, the office was warm and I was on the other side where the TV was not.  I just closed my eyes.....older DS came to tell me something I was so out of it I don't remember...I do remember telling him that's great, now let me sleep I have to drive later...huh?
  Obviously we made it home okay....
yesterday morning we are sitting at the table eating breakfast and somehow we got on our heartbeats...DD is doing a unit on eating healthy....anyway, young DS says, "mom put your fingers on your neck, you can feel your heart BEAPING!"  I love it!

I did want to share a page I made last week, it's with the FABULOSO February kit from Scrapbook Circle.  So without further adu: 
This was going to be for one of the challenges for the online crop but it got changed.  I was still pretty excited because I got a page done I liked and pictures scrapped that are 16 years old!!  It was a cluster challenge something I feel I struggle with, I even stamped!  Jump back Jack!  Thanks for stopping by today! :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

rustic flower

Last week was a little crazy so I didn't get to the sketch at 2 sketches 4 you so I decided to do it today with one of those rustic flowers. There really fun and easy to do, first I want to show you the card I made then I'll give you the step by step instructions.
And for the instructions....
I used my cricut (walk in my garden) for cutting these particular flowers out but you can do these by hand too. I also used thicker cardstock, if you use thinner paper you can cut more flowers.
1. start with 8 flowers 4 large (2 1/2"), 4 small (2")
2. distress flower front and back
3. crumple the flowers.4. fold each flower in half, put a bit of glue to hold it in half.5. pick the spot you want your flower and glue half of your larger flower down. Next glue the other half to make your full flower.6. glue your next layer with your "seam" facing going the other direction. 7. continue layering until your flower is finished. I finished this flower with a button but you can put a jewel, or you may cut another smaller flower to cover the seam (of course distress the flower before adhering to your final project.)
Good luck and enjoy!

Busy Beaver!

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The chick flick crop went so well!  And I was able to play much more this time than last time.  Albeit I created most of the layouts during the week because I knew I had a lot to do on the weekend.  
Here are my layouts:
This was Candace's challenge.  Somewhere in time, using something "old" that you have in your stash.  I used this Magic Mesh, yep it's like 6 years old at least!  The scalloped paper ribbon, and scalloped sticker are from the February kit. 
Jennifer Y's challenge.  Was to use the title the way we were and then either use pictures of your grandparents, parents, or yourself when you were dating or first married.   I was glad for this challenge because I just came across these pictures the other day and I wondered what or how I was going to do something with them.  The letters are just released American Crafts, pattern papers are from the February kit.
Jen Davis' challenge was the American Quilt or sew on your page.  I really LOVED this paper from Collage press and didn't want to cover it up to much so I opted to so the journaling and sewing around the edge.  I am not to much of a one picture layout person, but I REALLY like how this one turned out.  The circle was cut from my cricut cartridge graphically speaking (I used it on my playground sand layout for the mask)
Marcee's challenge was a sketch.  I really liked the clean lines....I am giving this to my mom so she can give it to my dad as his Valentine.  She is going to do the journaling on the adore Bingo card.
this is just a closeup of my embellishments in the corner.
I am going to be giving a tutorial today on how to make the flower pictured on the Scrapbook Circle blog.  It's so easy, which I love but it packs a punch!  Thanks for stopping and visiting today! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

mask challenge at Scrapbook Circle

The Chick Flick online crop at Scrapbook Circle is in full swing.  My challenge was a mask challenge based on the original Miss Congeniality movie here is my take:
I was pretty excited to be able to use my new graphically speaking cart for the cricut, for my circle.  
Bazzill cardstock
pattern paper: Fancy pants, Scenic Route
tape: 7 gypsies
floss, ink
letter stickers: Jenni Bowlin, Making Memories

Friday, February 6, 2009

CHICK FLICK crop has started!

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The crop has begun!  Come join us HERE
I will be posting my challenge and pictures later, I just have to get the kiddos ready for school!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scrapbook Circle Chick Flick Crop!!

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Come join us this weekend for a “Chick Flick Crop” at Scrapbook Circle. Whether you are a “Maid in Manhattan” or “Under the Tuscan Sun”, just put your favorite chick flick in the DVD player, pull out your scrapbook supplies and have fun with us. You might not “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton”, but you could win a free kit! So, be like “The Wedding Planner” and plan your schedules accordingly, because this crop is “As good as it gets!”

Crop runs from 8am MST tomorrow until 4pm MST Sunday!  Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cricut Expression giveaway!

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Real quick post Danielle is giving away a Cricut Expression!  Go leave a comment and you will be entered to win!  You can even comment each day until the 20th.  If you do leave a comment please tell her I sent ya!  THX!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

encore....and some cards

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Okay remember how I left off yesterday? I wanted to take a nap...ummm didn't happen and this is why:
I was on the phone with my brother and my house phone rang it was the school, yep, DD was sick. So I went to pick her up, I decided I wanted to talk to my boys and let them know that sister wasn't going to be on the bus. I wasn't going to stop in the kindergarten class, but went ahead inside. I saw DS talking to the teacher with a sappy look on his face. They didn't see me walk in, and when they looked up they said, "how did you know?" Yep, he wasn't feeling I went to other DS class to tell him his brother and sister weren't going to ride the bus. Get home relaxing, about 30 minutes later visiting with another brother DD gets up and pukes on the floor!
 Awesome, NOT! About this time DS that rode the bus gets home, my dog runs outside and chases the neighbors barking (she's a minature schnauzer- aka. Chicken brain) So I get DD to the bathroom set up near the toilet, call my brother back because I jumped up so fast I hung up on him. I get my floor cleaner out and the front doorbell rings. It's my SIL with a present, and yes there is mess still on the floor. I hang up, started cleaning the floor and the phone rings, it's someone calling to wish me a HBirthday and hoping I was having a great day! I had to laugh because I am right in the middle of stuff!  Then hubby calls to tell me he doesn't
 feel well! So, he gets home and I go to the only place I REALLY wanted to go all day and get my free birthday meal. It was tasty! BBQ beef, lemon cake, drink and cheesy potatoes. All in all it may sound bad, but I did have a great day! 

With all that said here are some cards I made for the 2 Sketches 4 you design team call...I didn't make it but I am pleased with how my cards turned out:

Thanks for checking in today! :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's my birthday!!

Yep, I'm 36 and proud of it! :)  Guess I am now older than my mommy who is 35! :)   My kids were so cute this morning, they got up early and made me this:
They all gave me gifts, DD made me a cute bracelet, DS was with me last week at Target when I got screaming deals on clearance, and notice almost everything I looked at and touched, and bought it for me.  Young DS wouldn't be out done!  He ran upstairs got his special treasure box filled it with things that he knew I "needed" and gave it to me.  (they were his reading books from school and some of those sticky foam shapes)  it was very sweet.  We'll definitely have to make something together...DH game me a card, it's pretty funny, it said, "Don't let turning a year older get you down you look great, but don't take my word for it.... (open the card, there are pictures of construction workers) it says, ask the experts.  it's a sound card, so they are cat calling....totally cracked me up!
I gave myself two things: one, my first day back at the gym after two weeks (because of the finger), and  #2 I cut the stitches off my finger!  They were driving me nuts, they have been in there long enough, and I had had enough bumping them and wearing band aids.  (for those of you that are worried I go to the doctor Thursday)
I then went out to lunch with my sweet parents to a tasty Mexican grill and had the waitress take a picture of us:
I'm actually "feeling" my class and will probably take a nap!  hey, it's my birthday! :)
But before I go, the February kits for Scrapbook Circle are up and they are AWESOME!!  Packed with paper and goodies, if you need some FUN  Valentine stuff go order yourself a kit! :)