Tuesday, February 3, 2009

encore....and some cards

Okay remember how I left off yesterday? I wanted to take a nap...ummm didn't happen and this is why:
I was on the phone with my brother and my house phone rang it was the school, yep, DD was sick. So I went to pick her up, I decided I wanted to talk to my boys and let them know that sister wasn't going to be on the bus. I wasn't going to stop in the kindergarten class, but went ahead inside. I saw DS talking to the teacher with a sappy look on his face. They didn't see me walk in, and when they looked up they said, "how did you know?" Yep, he wasn't feeling well...so I went to other DS class to tell him his brother and sister weren't going to ride the bus. Get home relaxing, about 30 minutes later visiting with another brother DD gets up and pukes on the floor!
 Awesome, NOT! About this time DS that rode the bus gets home, my dog runs outside and chases the neighbors barking (she's a minature schnauzer- aka. Chicken brain) So I get DD to the bathroom set up near the toilet, call my brother back because I jumped up so fast I hung up on him. I get my floor cleaner out and the front doorbell rings. It's my SIL with a present, and yes there is mess still on the floor. I hang up, started cleaning the floor and the phone rings, it's someone calling to wish me a HBirthday and hoping I was having a great day! I had to laugh because I am right in the middle of stuff!  Then hubby calls to tell me he doesn't
 feel well! So, he gets home and I go to the only place I REALLY wanted to go all day and get my free birthday meal. It was tasty! BBQ beef, lemon cake, drink and cheesy potatoes. All in all it may sound bad, but I did have a great day! 

With all that said here are some cards I made for the 2 Sketches 4 you design team call...I didn't make it but I am pleased with how my cards turned out:

Thanks for checking in today! :)

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emelyn said...

oh Diana! what an eventful day!! glad you finally got to enjoy your meal and hope your family feels better soon!