Monday, February 2, 2009

It's my birthday!!

Yep, I'm 36 and proud of it! :)  Guess I am now older than my mommy who is 35! :)   My kids were so cute this morning, they got up early and made me this:
They all gave me gifts, DD made me a cute bracelet, DS was with me last week at Target when I got screaming deals on clearance, and notice almost everything I looked at and touched, and bought it for me.  Young DS wouldn't be out done!  He ran upstairs got his special treasure box filled it with things that he knew I "needed" and gave it to me.  (they were his reading books from school and some of those sticky foam shapes)  it was very sweet.  We'll definitely have to make something together...DH game me a card, it's pretty funny, it said, "Don't let turning a year older get you down you look great, but don't take my word for it.... (open the card, there are pictures of construction workers) it says, ask the experts.  it's a sound card, so they are cat calling....totally cracked me up!
I gave myself two things: one, my first day back at the gym after two weeks (because of the finger), and  #2 I cut the stitches off my finger!  They were driving me nuts, they have been in there long enough, and I had had enough bumping them and wearing band aids.  (for those of you that are worried I go to the doctor Thursday)
I then went out to lunch with my sweet parents to a tasty Mexican grill and had the waitress take a picture of us:
I'm actually "feeling" my class and will probably take a nap!  hey, it's my birthday! :)
But before I go, the February kits for Scrapbook Circle are up and they are AWESOME!!  Packed with paper and goodies, if you need some FUN  Valentine stuff go order yourself a kit! :)


Candace H said...

Happy Birthday, Diana! Sounds like a fun day (and I hope your finger is all healed!)

Dawn T said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it is wonderful!

Theresa C said...

Happy birthday, Diana! What a lucky girl you are to get such a yummy breakfast made with so much love! I love it when children give you their treasures.... so cute!

emelyn said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Diana!!