Thursday, February 19, 2009


So Wednesday was half day for my kiddos, after the day off Monday....(hmmm...they needed to spread the fun out a bit!)  Anyway, I decided to do something different, we went out to Pei Wei's.  The kids had the best time eating with their chop sticks.  I tried for while but wished I had the little plastic doohickeys the kids had!  I gave up and used my fork.
Anyway, one of my fortune cookies (you can never just have one!) fortunes said, "Endurance and persistence will be rewarded."  
I liked that...I guess it did because we FINALLY got our selves a new computer.  After 7 years and the hard drive basically dying it was time for a newbie.  And I am glad that I have something that actually WORKS!  I've basically taken it over because it's on my desk, which means that I have to rearrange my scrapping supplies AGAIN, but this is good because who knows what treasures lie in one of my piles! :)
I do have some things I can share but I have to figure out how to add and where things are.  Maybe tomorrow between loads of laundry.... :)

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