Thursday, February 26, 2009


In an effort to make room for my new computer, things had to moved around and yes, cleaned out!  Feels like I collect more stuff everyday, (doesn't help that when my family sees a clear table they have to bring me their things and put it on there!)  Anyway, I cleaned off my french board and realized I had a bunch of birth, graduation, and wedding announcements that I really didn't want to throw away.  But how to store them?  I didn't want to make a scrapbook, then I remembered a organizer that I had made for cards a couple of years ago.  I saw the instructions HERE, and the gal even e-mailed me the PDF file to print off for myself.  It saved my bacon and I ended up with a couple of cute organizers in the process. (I am going to work on the baby one this weekend...hopefully....we have a busy weekend with soccer pictures and games)  So here is what I came up with:
Supplies used:
pattern paper: SEI
Wedding letters: Making memories
Grads letters: American Crafts

I'm still getting the hang of this computer (yes, I made the switch from a PC to a MAC, and I really like it so far!)  and how to find my pictures, so I am pretty proud that I found these tonight! :)  Thanks for stopping in, I will have pages to share tomorrow, the lighting is horrible right now, and I am SLEEPY!  I spent ALL day cleaning for guests and they aren't least I have a clean house, AND dinner was ready and waiting when we got back from scouts!  Makes me feel complete, and tired! :)  Good night!

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