Thursday, February 12, 2009

RAndom and a LayOut

This is TOTAllY random....
you know you are tired when you fall asleep in the dentist office!  Last week I was waiting for DS to get sealants on his teeth.  Older DS has read me his book and started to watch the Disney Channel.  Well, I had gone to the gym that day my rough class that I hadn't been to in like 3 weeks and I was wiped out!  Also, the office was warm and I was on the other side where the TV was not.  I just closed my eyes.....older DS came to tell me something I was so out of it I don't remember...I do remember telling him that's great, now let me sleep I have to drive later...huh?
  Obviously we made it home okay....
yesterday morning we are sitting at the table eating breakfast and somehow we got on our heartbeats...DD is doing a unit on eating healthy....anyway, young DS says, "mom put your fingers on your neck, you can feel your heart BEAPING!"  I love it!

I did want to share a page I made last week, it's with the FABULOSO February kit from Scrapbook Circle.  So without further adu: 
This was going to be for one of the challenges for the online crop but it got changed.  I was still pretty excited because I got a page done I liked and pictures scrapped that are 16 years old!!  It was a cluster challenge something I feel I struggle with, I even stamped!  Jump back Jack!  Thanks for stopping by today! :)

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Kristi O said...

thank you! Thank you! thank you for your encouagement and support. I did survive, I (still am dealing with ill feelings about the hospital staff) BUT I made and am hopeful that I can go back and continue to work thru things with my husband. This journey has taken a toll on me but I am going to make it. Thank you so much. Love, Kristi