Thursday, March 28, 2013


I wanted to share my white space project that went up on the American Crafts blog the other day:
I had the best time making this little guy!  I used the yes, please line from Amy Tangerine--LOVE!  For the full tutorial please check out the blog!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Twelve. 12.

Have you ever layered a title?  truthfully this was the first time I've done it and I LOVE it!  I wanted to use both of the stickers but I didn't want a teared look.  So I experimented with the layered look instead--I also wanted to use the stamps in the Yes, Please line by Amy Tangerine for American Crafts.  It all fit just the way it was inspired to be!  Of course I used a my silhouette for some shapes and some mist to make some colors pop...all the rest of the rubons, stickers, paper, stamps, and button are from the same line.

I loved that I was able to capture ONE picture of my handsome boy on his birthday, it wasn't the best coloring wise so I changed it to black and white.  I think it looks better!
some closeups of things you might miss:
 Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

high five!

Do you ever create pages that just make you smile while you are working on them and AFTER when you look at them?  That is how I feel about this layout:
I loved the images captured-we happened to be in Buffalo Park in Flagstaff, Arizona.  My son was being a boy and dragging his feet, he was also commenting on how hungry that he was....(typical for this boy--he is ALWAYS eating, I realize I am in trouble because he is only 10)  I asked him to smile and this face is his CHEESE or should I see CHEESY face--I LOVED it because it's SO him!  So this page really makes me smile because it's capturing one of those moments in time that just happened, no planned agenda, it was truly spontaneous.
I used the FANTASTIC Charmed Life kit from Scrapbook Circle to complete this page--LOVED working with this fun kit!  Thanks for the visit--hope your day is wonderful!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

you make my heart sing.

I have to tell you I LOVE this layout.  super simple and quick and easy--super fun to mix things up a bit.  My challenge for this page was to use the die cut cards included in the Charmed Life kit from Scrapbook Circle.  What better way to use them than a title!
I really liked the pop of color and had to back it with one of my favorite polka dot papers in the kit!  This fun picture was taken last year at the Easter egg hunt at my good friend Jennie's house.  SO fun that I captured my handsome guy with a truly relaxed expression!
Thanks for the visit today--I'm off and running!

Monday, March 11, 2013

nap time.

a while back I inherited a BUNCH of FANTASTIC black and white photos of my mom and her family growing up.  I found this gem in the mix and knew I had to use it!  I really didn't want to use a HUGE 12 x 12 sheet so I decided to cut down the vellum to be matted by the white cardstock of 8.5 x 11.  I had to be strategic with the adhesive so it wouldn't show as I am out of vellum adhesive.  I really LOVE how this just came together:
a little closeup of the corner:
 I LOVED using the my girl line from American crafts, I'm not necessarily girly and neither is my girl but I LOVED that the papers were SO diverse!
I had a hard time getting the right angle so that the super AWESOME title would show up!  I LOVE the shiny letter, just makes it pop!
I love this picture, I know there is one JUST like this of my mom and I's funny how you can see how you look like your family in pictures sometimes.  My grandma's eyes look JUST like my mom's..I don't think I've ever noticed because she wears glasses.  LOVE that I could scrap this moment in time!
Thanks for the visit today--we have spring break and lovely weather--I hope we can enjoy the week!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday. Really?

this week has FLOWN by with soccer practices, track meets, field trips, orthodontist appointments, scouts, and laundry.  I'm sure there is more but I can't remember.  Today it's raining and I LOVE rain, BUT this means that the field day at school and the soccer game tonight will most likely be cancelled and rescheduled--normally rescheduled is good but when you live in the desert and they normally tack that game on the end of the season it makes for uncomfortable hotness....Also, there is a tournament this weekend that MAY be rained out--interesting...we are heading in to Spring Break which means SLOW down--I'm looking forward to a chance to catch our breath and just BE.

Today on the Scrapbook Circle blog there is a sketch challenge put together by the wonderfully talented Diana Fisher:
I decided to play a long:
this layout is about my trips to the BIG stores...Costco and Sam's Club...this actually was an EXTRA picture from my project life sitting on my desk...but it is something I do quite OFTEN and thought I might as well do a page about it.  All of my supplies come from the new Charmed Life kit.  I think my favorite part of this layout is that I just spread everything on this layout on my desk and picked it up--the only guide was the sketch!  Thanks for the visit today!

Monday, March 4, 2013

happy today.

I'm SO excited to share this layout with you!  It was featured the other day on the American Crafts blog--LOVE the mix of happy papers!  I even lifted myself from THIS layout!  I actually scrapped them a day a part but couldn't share this one until it went live on the AC blog:
this is what's exciting that you can't really see on the frontal view, the middle squares are popped up!
 more of the pop up action:
 closeup of the corner--LOVING the flair!
 It's Monday so that means LAUNDRY--fun stuff, I know you're jealous! ;)  Thanks for the visit!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love you to the stars.


I have this layout on the Scrapbook Circle blog today:
I really like how all the mix of papers don't exactly match but they GO together--know what I mean?  Mixing pattern papers used to drive me a little crazy--you see I'm bit of a perfectionist!  I had to learn that mixing the papers was OK--and now I LOVE it!  I think of as quilting with paper if you have ever looked at a quilt (I come from a LONG line of quilters) they don't match up the patterns and colors EXACTLY what they do create is a masterpiece that is pleasing to the eye.  I REALLY loved working with the new Charmed Life kit--it's mixed with A LOT of fun goodies!
Incidentally I decided to take my kids school pictures this year--WHY have I been afraid to do so in the past--I saved myself some MAJOR $$--these particular pictures were from that photo shoot....
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Saturday, March 2, 2013

hello. Lucky Charm.

well, hello!  thanks for the visit today I wanted to share with you real quick a card I made using the Lucky Charm line from American Crafts:
Little closeup of the pop up action:
 This line of paper is FANTASTIC I love all the different patterns and embellishments-I wanted to show the mix on this card so I used a little bit of everything.  I'm off and running have a couple of soccer games today!

Friday, March 1, 2013

live for adventure.

I wanted to share my last page that I made using the Story Time kit from Scrapbook Circle:
closeups you might not notice at first glance:
 So my son got to play the boss for a day (hence the mustache!) in a mock business day that the school goes to every year.  The kids run their own businesses and earn "money" they have to dress in business attire and they take their jobs SERIOUSLY.  I went as a chaperone but MOSTLY as the photographer!  I managed to capture one REALLY good shot of my son in between his running around--he didn't have time! :)
Do you notice that large flair?  I LOVE it--I cut off the pin part and attached it using four pop dots, one on each side of the circle stacked on top of one another....
Thanks SO much for the quick visit!