Wednesday, January 30, 2013

star struck.

Today on the Scrapbook Circle blog this layout was featured:
some fun closeups:
(FYI* I used the Only You kit) I knew that I didn't have enough space for all the journaling I wanted to ad.  I thought about doing some hidden journaling, but there STILL wasn't enough room!  What to do...I thought why don't I just add it to the back of the layout?  So, that's what I did I plan on this being the ONLY layout in the page protector so that one can look at the front and flip to the back to read the journaling without pulling it out of it's protector.  I liked this idea SO much I might just have to do that in the future because sometimes the story behind the picture is JUST that good!
okay, so is ANYONE wondering who this guy is?  He is a movie star who just happens to enjoy the apple store just like my family.  His name is Jake Abel.  He has starred in Percy Jackson, I am Number 4, and will be coming up in The Host.  Pretty AWESOME that my girl saw him and pointed him out to us.  She was a little shy to go and talk to him--I on the hand was NOT.  And walked up to him and asked him if his name was Jake and started up a conversation with him.  Such a nice guy!  My daughter hung back in the corner she saw him from UNTIL I told him he was nice and she should come over and say hi.  She did but was DEFINITELY a little STAR STRUCK!
Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Do you ever just fall in love with pieces of a layout--perhaps the pictures?  I loved these little random shots of the hairy beasts in our family--they are SO fun and LOVE us NO matter what!  Funny story as I was printing these--my LAME OLD printer that has now found a new home just stopped printing but there was still enough of Ella showing I decided to keep it and put it in the stash.  These pictures taken at different times landed together and I decided to scrap them!
notice the heart almost in the center--popped up with a pop dot.
title backed with the stripped whisker graphics bag included in the Only You kit from Scrapbook Circle.
FYI* the lace heart background was cut with my cameo...
Thanks SO much for the visit today!

Friday, January 25, 2013

cool! ride.

One of the MAJOR bonuses to going to CHA besides seeing the new product is getting your hands on some of the product to play with.  I was blessed to get my hands on some NEW Basic Grey--I feel like their OLD style is FINALLY coming back--I fell in love with a couple of their lines...Hipster is the name of this line that I used for this fun layout of my son:
a closeup of the center quilt pattern:
this layout took a while to do.  I saw it in my head how I wanted it--I was inspired by something on pinterest (which I can't find now!--UGH!)  But it had to do with squares--I like to look at inspiration and make it my own SO I cut the squares in half and popped the middles up--YAY, a plan came together!!
I'm off and running--it's a half day today...sort of strange because the kids didn't have school on Monday--makes for a SHORT week, but guess what?  EVERYONE is ready for the weekend!  Thanks for the visit today!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

arrow of light.

wow!  excuse the absence--been busy and fighting a battle against illness here in the old abode!  I do have a fun layout I made using the NEW Dear Lizzy Lucky Charm line from American Crafts.  I LOVE how it's so versatile--it really is SO fun to work with.
little pop action going on here:
 closeup of the journaling card:
I have to tell you a cute story.  The boy in the picture got very excited that I scrapped this page for him--sort of proud in fact.  It took A LOT of work to earn his arrow of light (it's sort of the equivalent to earning your Eagle as a boy scout except this is in boys scouts) we were VERY proud of him!
Thanks SO much for the visit!

Friday, January 18, 2013

CHA recap.

sorry in advance for the amount of pictures of me! :)  I feel SO blessed to have been able to go to CHA again this year and see all the new stuff!  We discussed it as a group and for us it was the SECOND happiest place on earth next to Disneyland! ;)
So here we go with a photo review:

Friday (arrived safe!)
We arrived just in time to go to California Adventures!!  We had a GREAT time
dinner--southwestern Caesar's salad:
yep, we stood in line for an hour for this, partly because there was a delay... my 10 year old REALLY didn't want me to go on this BEFORE him, he told me I would RUIN it!!  He even told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures--TOUGH kid!  Texted this to my husband--10 year old's reaction--"NO!"
Tessa in yellow--me in the blue--it was INCREDIBLY cold I had 4 layers on and still SHIVERING!!  Note to self next time the weather channel says it's going to be 52, believe it!
(these pictures are not really in order)
Day 1 (Saturday):
American Crafts, was VERY quiet when the show first opened, I walked right up and talked with Elizabeth Kartchner
Scrapbook Circle girls got to meet Kristine, Nicole. Then Me, Heather, RebeccaLisa, and Tessa.
Heather, Elle (owner designer of Elle's Studio) Lisa, Me, and Rebecca.
I was INCREDIBLY excited to meet with the TALENTED Celine Navarro--she is ADORABLE in person!
SO fun to meet Becky Higgins!  Had to personally thank her for inventing Project Life, it has brought my family into preserving our family memories and I LOVE it!
Ali Edwards!  SO incredibly cool to meet her--I think I was surprised at how tall she is!  Don't know why I think all creative people have to be about the same height--just funny how you imagine someone and then you meet them in person....(I know TOTALLY random!)
I TOTALLY admire and am inspired with Stephanie Howell--felt like a stalker but she is SERIOUSLY a SWEETHEART--she even posted me on her BLOG!
Happen to glance over and see fellow DT member for Elle's Studio Jennnifer Larson
Heather, Melissa Stinson, Jennie, and Me (the other girls are linked above)
Talented Tina Walker!  We share the same taste in shoes...funny I noticed her shoes BEFORE I noticed who was in them! :)
Sarah love her!
Had to travel ALL the way to Anaheim to meet Maggie Holmes who lives about 10 minutes from me at home!  
Kimber McGray such a FUN gal!
Lovely Linda Barber!
Me, Heather, Paige Evans, and Amy Tan (yes, that is the American Crafts booth behind us)
Me and an elephant--not sure why they had one...actually there was another elephant there as well...
Dinner at the kitchen table at Buca de Bepo:
silly girls posing:
I don't remember what this was called but it was YUMMY:

Day 2:
Okay this makes me TOTALLY laugh!  Suzy Plantamura is HILARIOUS--our humor as you can see is QUITE similar.  I was SO sad I didn't get to talk to her the first day, I thought I wouldn't see her the second.  But as we were placing orders I saw her and RAN down the isle! (I met her last year and we have become instagram friends).  No, there wasn't even one serious shot! :)
Lisa Dickinson had her new line in the Jenni Bowlin booth--fabulous!
Snapped a QUICK picture of Lisa Truesdell, she had JUST arrived and wanted to see the show but kept seeing people!
Tessa, Heidi Swapp, and Me.
Owner and designer of Bella Blvd. Stephanie Hunt.
Shimelle Lane flew in from England--pretty fun to meet her and snap a shot!
Heather, Emily Pitts, Me, and Tessa snapping a quick shot in the Maya Road booth.
the gifted Ck dream team member Laina Lamb!

After turning in all our orders we had to hit the road to get home to our families.  It was a QUICK trip but we were able to plan 5 kits that are AWESOME so seriously stay tuned to the Scrapbook Circle kits they are going to ROCK!!
the road:
the lovely sunset:
And someone was VERY happy to have me home!
If you've made this far I thank you for taking the time to see my CHA review--I REALLY appreciate the visit (this post took me 3 days to do!)

Monday, January 14, 2013

junior prom.

I was SO excited last year when my nephew asked me to take pictures of him and his girlfriend for the junior prom.  I asked him about a few locations and gave him the magic hour and then headed that way with my trusty hubby assistant.  I really got some FUN shots they were all different, I was really happy because this was pretty much the first time someone had REALLY asked me to take pictures with my newish camera (STILL LOVE IT!) Anyway, the pictures I had printed were related but all different I had them printed at a 2 x 3 dimension and matted them on white cardstock.  They waited....and be scrapped UNTIL I got my hands on the FANTASTIC January Only You kit from Scrapbook Circle:
I truly fell in love with the background paper by Glitz, I designed in my silhouette cameo cutting how the circles would be cut out...they are backed by the other paper.  Afterward I cut the hearts, they are actually the same heart cut at different dimensions.
 well, thanks for letting me share with you!  I'm in catch up mode from CHA, tomorrow I hope to share some shots of friendly faces I saw--it was GREAT fun!  And "we" were able to plan out 5 upcoming kits for Scrapbook Circle--they will ROCK your socks!!  Thanks for the visit!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

LOVE cards.

I've truly come to LOVE the Elle's studio tags that have frequented Scrapbook Circle kits.  I wanted to share what is on the Scrapbook Circle blog today.  I fell in LOVE (no pun intended) with the Valentine theme, that are featured in the Only You kit.  The large tags are perfect for a title on a page, journaling or EVEN the front of a card.  Here is what I made with these fantastic tags:
I really like that they can be the card greeting!  So fun and fast!  This is a quick post--thanks SO much for the visit today!