Monday, August 20, 2012

project life 8-14

this week again was filled with pictures and journaling so I have a page and a half:
This is the week that my niece got married and she asked me to take pictures at her reception.  That was   a challenge because I was running in and outside and it was storming (NOT the best for lighting) but I did get some FANTASTIC pictures!
this one was taken by my SIL and cracks me up!  My middle son's face is classic, while my youngest...who knows what he's looking at! :)
6th grade shots...I am REALLY loving hexagons!
 picture of the reflection of the clouds in the standing water at the park (I shared this already but it STILL is cool!)  oh, and that heart cloud stuff is Washi tape!  One of my favorites!

 I just added this one cause I like it! :)
Today has been a full day and FUN!  my girl is home from high school and we are debriefing on her day.  she is telling me ALL about meal worms....just glad I wasn't there to see those.... :)
thanks for the visit today!
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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

This weeks is AWESOME!! I love love love that family one!!! Your one son is a crack up!!!!!

Jingle said...

These look great!

Elizabeth said...

Hey friend! Thank you for stopping by my blog and putting love on there for me! It touches my heart!