Thursday, May 10, 2012

Project Life April 8-14, 2012

Life keeps moving right along--and YES I finally took some pictures! :)
this happened to start on Easter Sunday and the last weekend of soccer... I love those smaller pockets--it was a challenge to use them but I loved the idea of cutting the picture in half to fit in two.

So we had a WONDERFUL storm yesterday that brought in rain and cooled things down a bit.  It was a total surprise as there weren't really any clouds in the sky.  But boy, it blew a lot of stuff in the pool that had to be cleaned out.  At least my garden got watered! :)

The other day we tried Black Bean enchiladas.  The filling was okay but the enchilada sauce was WAY to hot for my kids (I also got it HERE.) I need to remember to ask my mom for her recipe, I remember wanting to eat all the enchiladas gone til I was sick!

Last night we tried another recipe for Beef stew (perfect for rainy weather), it was actually pretty good.  My 9 year old LOVED helping me out, it was nice to have a happy helper in the kitchen, it also made him more excited to eat dinner! :)
Can you tell I get bored cooking the same things?  I love the challenge of making something new and seeing if I can make it a part of our regular dinners we eat.

I'm planning on making some banana bread tonight, I have a REALLY great recipe that I'll share tomorrow...I know such a tease but I've gotta run! :)  Thanks for the visit today!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeeeeee this weeks!!! Glad you included the hair pics! LOL!! And I heard your side of town was hit harder than ours... we only had about 10 minutes worth of rain!!

Lisa Andrews said...

You did a great job filling in all of those little pockets. The storm yesterday was so nice. I hope we get more afternoon storms this summer!

Kim said...

this looks fab, good on you for keeping up with this!

Kathy Martin said...

You make me wish I were doing a project life this year! Great photos and documenting your memories. I had such a time keeping up with the december daily that I felt I wouldn't be able to do a year! ;)

Rebecca said...

more great pages!