Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Project Life April 1-7 2012

I love that this is documenting my family's life.  This seems SO long ago but has not been that long.  Also, I love that I can create and make this as creative as I want or as simple as I want.  Without further ado:
 I've decided that I want my backing to be kraft colored--it can be like a mini scrapbook page if I want, a few closeups:

I actually stamped!  These are from my mind's eye--not sure the name as I've thrown the package away.  But it has both the banner and the little stars--LOVE it!
oh, yes this is my awesome girl hurdling.  Finals were Saturday--I have a whole posted in my head that I need to figure out.  It was dramatic--who new that 11.97 seconds could be so intense?

So happy to report that I am all caught up!  yeah for me--just finished it today.  My printer actually cooperated--I think it could sense that I have had about ENOUGH and want to throw it away!  Every time I put in a cartridge whether new or old I have to align it.  Well, it's not always aligned and sometimes it prints with a "shadow" SO annoying!  So today was a good day and I printed like crazy knowing I wasn't going to waste some of my photo printer paper.  when it does print correctly the pictures are BEAUTIFUL.

*jumping down from my soap box now* thanks SO much for the visit today!  I have a WHOLE bunch of creative goodies to share.  I hope that I will have time this week to share it with you all!


Lisa Andrews said...

The stamping looks great! Yay for another completed week.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

My printer seems to print photos with little lines on the photos... quite annoying!! I loveeeeeeee this weeks pages... I am LOVING the kraft!!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

awesome layout, i love all of the little pics! Such a COOL pic of your dd hurdling, she can jump really high! :D Love that you used stamps too! I need to work on that, I'm awful with stamps but i love them!

Jamie Harder said...

This is fantastic...way to keep up! love that hurdling photo!

sarah said...

what a fantastic job with PL. love the kraft.


Julie Garcia-Matus said...

love the hurdle shot! I so have to play catch up w/my PL! happy weekend!

Rebecca said...

the stamping on the Kraft looks fabulous!