Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Knight Company Flag

Today found me creatively busy making a flag for our Trek.  (A trek is an excursion of sorts, we dress in pioneer attire and push/pull handcarts.  My hubby and I were asked to be a Ma & Pa of about 10 children.  what is cool is that we were asked to take a name of ancestor to remember them and appreciate them.  Should be an adventure--we will be traveling 20 miles.)  Here is a picture of my flag, it was exhausting.  I don't sew on fabric, it stresses me out thanks to my 7th grade home ec. teacher--I seriously get MAJOR anxiety over sewing on fabric.  But I was pretty proud of this little flag made from a pillow case!
the outside is May Arts ribbon I mitered (thank you Laura Vegas for the paper miter idea!  I used that to make the ribbon look nice)  then I cut out the letters and Knight with my cameo.  The Knight is something I found online and using the tracing feature I traced him and then cut it out.  Our ward's (congregation) color is yellow, that is why the knight it yellow.  And we are called by our Bishop's (ministers) last name.  We will most likely have the youth sign this guy--should be cool!  I bought a dowel at Michael's that will slide into the casing I made (on the right hand side).  I seriously was determined to get this finished today! My mommy would be proud--I sewed on something OTHER than paper! :)
I'm off to pull an apple crisp out of the oven--it's my big brother's birthday and I wanted to SURPRISE him with a treat!
Thanks So much for the visit!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How exciting!!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee how it turned out! Good luck with the trek!!

Rebecca said...

that came out fabulous!