Sunday, September 9, 2012


I've been gone for a week in Maui!  Still seems like a was a trip which was planned about a year ago.  I wanted to share a little bit through some pictures...
Day 1 (Friday):

 very first view of the island:
 we were a BIT hungry as they only served us one can of soda on our 6 hour flight.  We quickly, thanks to yelp, found a popular place to eat that served these interesting fried spam rolls, the last two bites were the best....I think that all the flavor was at the end.
 this was the HUGE main course that we shared yummy tempura fish.
 this was our first sunset...
Day 2 (Saturday): I went on my first snorkeling adventure.  I was a little nervous to breath through the little tube and have things touch me in the water.  (oh, these pictures were taken with my IPhone and the Optrix XD case, it's a case that can mount on your helmet or bike and can be taken in the water with a depth of 2 feet although someone said they went 7 feet down. I couldn't figure how to take pictures under the water--I did however take them while I was treading water.  AND I got some FANTASTIC video under the water.  I just rigged my hair tie through the mount hole on the bottom and had it attached to my wrist.  This was a cheaper option with better reviews than an under water camera.):
 my hubby trying not to get sun or water in his eyes with a sea urchin:
 lunch--had this another day as well--SO yummy!  Another yelp find and if your in Maui it's pretty reasonable in price $6 for lunch.
After lunch and a shower we headed over to the Banyan tree park--this place was AMAZING all one tree.  We did head back over another day--AWE inspiring.
Good night sun.
Day 3 (Sunday): we went to church.  Wonderful to know that they do the SAME exact meeting as at home.  After the sacrament meeting concluded and before Sunday School, the congregation sang Aloha  Oe to a woman who was moving back to Samoa (3000 miles away) she had lived and participated in the congregation for 3 years.  They were her family away from family.  As they sang I did my best to remember the words too.  Different members of the congregation (I'm assuming her friends) went up and hugged her.  One even gave her a lei and kissed her on the cheek.  What I understand (because I asked) is that before one gives a lei they breathe on it, giving part of themselves to that person to remember them by.
 after church we headed up to Haleakalā the highest mountain in the world:
 TOTALLY breath taking, it reminded me of looking at the Grand Canyon.  It didn't look real--more like a painting.  The silversword plant can only be found here on top of the mountain.  It really is silver!
Good night sun.
 Day 4 (Monday): The Road to Hana.  I had to sit facing the front with the window rolled down this highway has 620 curves with 59 bridges along a 68 mile stretch of highway.  it was ALL about the trip not the destination--it took 3 hours to get up to the top--we stopped a bit for some views of waterfalls, and banana bread.  This part of the island is lush and green very tropical.  This part reminded me of my mission in Venezuela (16 years ago).  The bread was AWESOME!  The waterfall was just AMAZING!
The waterfall DEFINITELY made me felt small.
 After the waterfall we drove over to Charles Lindbergh's grave.  (about 2 minutes from the bottom of the trail).
 By the end of this day I was TIRED.  It was a LONG day but SO worth the drive!

Day 5 (Tuesday):
This night we went to a luau--I had a GREAT time!  Although this was rated #2 in Maui Revealed (our travel guide book--it's brutally honest AND there is an IPhone app!)
 I think this might be one of my FAVORITE pictures from that night:
Day 6 (Wednesday):
free breakfast omelet--YUMMY!
we went snorkeling, I ended up with sunscreen in my eyes--I don't really recommend this at all--REALLY.  So while everyone else was out in the water I laid down and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of the waves--I might even have fallen asleep for a while....
we spent the day playing and ended the day with some shopping and dinner at Bubba Gumps.  I'm not much of a shrimp person but their coconut shrimp was pretty good.  I ended up getting the pear berry salad.
 Day 7 (Thursday):
my hubby and his sister decided they wanted to try scuba diving, it was a free trial in the pool.  He then decided to go out in the ocean for a 45 minute dive.  2 of our company were certified, 2 were first timers, and 2 of us were the cheer leaders! :)
the instructor had a SWEET camera and took these:
sea urchin.
 and a white tip shark--no they are harmless.  but I think I still would've been freaking out!
Day 8 Friday:
we decided we wanted to all go on a catamaran trip and snorkel.  we had a GREAT time--this particular trip was 7 hours (one of the longer trips--it was rated well in the guide book, it's called Paragon) They provided breakfast and lunch, it took about an hour and 45 minutes to "drive" to the cove--it was AWESOME!  I couldn't believe all the sea creatures we saw. I did mostly videoing this go around.  It didn't seem like any time had past before they were telling us our time was up!  I was REALLY glad I had a protective cover for my case.  The black "trampoline" is right over the water so when we first headed out it splashed--that was pretty fun!
 What did I learn about myself?  I truly am a LAND LOVER!  While sailing back the ride was a bit bumpy with a tip from my bro-n-law to keep my eyes glued to land and not talking I didn't feel to whoosy.  I have to tell you I was one of the first ones OFF of the boat.  Just not my cup of tea!  But I did have fun! :)
That night we ate our last Hawaiian meal--mine of course consisted of fish.  Living in the desert you don't get much fresh fish. :)
We boarded our plane 10:30 Hawaii time 1:30am Arizona time.  I think I slept all of 2 hours the whole time--totally a bummer as we got off our flight and went STRAIGHT to my daughter's first soccer game of the season (thanks to my baby bro for the ride)!
she's in the white:
I'm telling you it was PURE adrenaline that got me through the game.  I was SO tired!  They played well (this was their first game in the state league--you have to earn a spot.  they are division 2) they tied 1-1.  I know once they get used to each other--they will be AWESOME!  My mom drove us to McD's for a smoothie, I then fell asleep on the way home.  Was awake enough to lay down and CRASH on the couch for a couple of hours.  Then we went and picked up the boys and doggies ALL of which were happy to see us and be home!
This trip was a dream come true and I'm totally grateful we took the opportunity to go!  Thanks for sitting through this post! :)  I tried to make it not SO picture heavy!


Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How exciting!!!!!!I loveeeeeeeeee the photos!!!!

Briana Johnson said...

Oh how wonderful, Diana! We went for the first time two years ago almost and it really was paradise, you know! We had the time of our lives - my hubs said he thinks that might have been the happiest time of his life :) Looks like you guys had a blast too!

Ashley Horton said...

So glad you had a great trip Diana!! I've loved seeing your pics on Instagram!! The underwater shots are really awesome. Bubba Gumps in one of my favorite restaurants and the Coconut Shrimp is my favorite thing to get when we go. Can't wait to see all of the future layouts you do, with all of the amazing photos from your trip!!

Lisa Andrews said...

Sounds like a fabulous week! Everything you did sounds amazing. So happy you got to do this trip!

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! I loved seeing all the pics!