Thursday, January 21, 2010


**I am TIRED, like bone the kind of tired where you sort of loose the ability to speak the English language....could it have anything to do with the rain? It's been raining all day...right now it looks like someone is spraying my window with a hose.....I like the rain, it's refreshing...there was a tornado watch...CRAZY-I live in the desert!

**Maybe I'm tired because I've been up since like 5am (not my choice! DH got a business call, my body wakes right up and won't go back to sleep...sort of annoying...) it's almost 9pm.

**My blue buddy still isn't here, it was supposed to be here today but it got rescheduled

**Do you have a secret candy stash? you know the one that you don't share with anyone but yourself? I do! I learned it from my mom, AND through research I've discovered other women do to! Must be a woman thing....I asked this because as I cleaned my desk I found some candy....I like chewy candy, it was that Christmas tree brach's candy....Peppermint all the way!--I LOVE anything with mint.

**I also LOVE lemonade, I had some fresh last night and today. My friend let us come over and pick lemons from her tree, THANK YOU Jennie!

**I am working on a project, it's actually finishing up the journaling in my December daily....I only have 7 days left then I can start on another project--which also happens to be sitting on my desk.

**I made my CHA list yesterday and added a few things, I'm probably going to check it a few times...ya I'm just that way.

**I'm reading the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn still...I'm almost done...I hope I'm done before the Hunger Games gets here at the library.

**DH totally ROCKS! I was cleaning off my desk, he was cleaning the kitchen up for me!

**I hope to have something to show tomorrow...I know my blue buddy won't be delivered until 4:00pm--that's when the UPS man usually hits my neighborhood.--so I'll have to keep busy so I won't be staring out the window waiting for him to come!

If you've read this far, thank you--and good night!

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Julie said...

I'm reading the Hunger Games now! Have been for too long now... right before Xmas I started. I never have that little extra time to read. Think I need to put my iphone down while waiting everywhere & p/u my book instead! I always have it w/me too!