Monday, February 15, 2010

tip of the day & Happy President's day!

I wanted to share my tip of the day that I did for Scrapbook Circle today:

Yes, I LOVE flowers and was so excited to create this quick and easy one.

So, today is President's day that means a day of for the kiddos for school. What to do? Well, their rooms are HORRIBLE, so I promised them if they got them cleaned we would get to do something special. We've been cleaning for 2 1/2 hours...ugh! (they get so distracted....) Anyway, we are almost down to the time when we need to leave and I can proudly say they are working as a team to get DS room clean. What are we doing? We are going to see The Tooth Fairy with Dwayne Johnson (the rock) it looked really cute and I'm sure we will enjoy it. They still don't know...the suspense is so exciting! :)
I Hope you are enjoying your day and making fun memories!


Terria said...

Thanks for sharing the tip! I also wanted to share with you. My little guy loves your blog every time I come here he tells me "Mom that's Wonder Women but Super-Man calls here Diana" Then I tell him your name is Diana and he says "Oh Mom SHES Wonder Women" he's five and loves to blog hop with me :)

Theresa C said...

Very cool tip!

Julie said...

Pretty flowers & messy to make! I still never bought that mat! Where did you buy it again?

emelyn said...

OMG, those are sooo pretty, Diana!! I love the ruffled look, but darn, couldn't hear what you were saying. I"ll have to watch it again when I get home to see what kind of paper you used.