Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cosmo Cricket and Material girl

so today I wanted to blog about something...nothing is really coming to mind, actually not much is coming to mind...I'm in a cold medicine induced fog...yep-the yuck has still got a grip..I've got a good 4 hour window to go to the grocery store...um yeah that is not all that exciting today...I usually get excited about it...I know I'm weird!

ANYWAY, I was looking at my google reader. And Cosmo Cricket is featuring Scrapbook Circle's kit today! And guess what our layouts are on their site too! Check it out HERE, pretty sweet! I know Lisa has 2 kits left for February, it's a great kit and SO easy to work with. I hope to do something else after my grocery trip today--(here's hoping my cold meds are still working!--so nice not to have head pressure!)

Ella the puppy is at the vets today getting spayed. She should be home this afternoon. I know that was random, but that's how life is right now.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your Tuesday is a FUN one!--It was chocolate pancake day here AND class pictures--ooh! excitement! :)

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