Thursday, September 10, 2015


UGH!  Where has the time gone--my baby girl is at the end of her public school career!  No, I didn't think this wouldn't happen it just happened faster than I would've liked!  We have packed and continue to have adventures forming memories and strengthening family bonds.  One of my favorite things to say is GOOD TIMES, even when it isn't a good time because well, it is a time. :)
I created a page of the first day for my girl, using the September Scrapbook Circle kit, Hello Hello:
I have been inspired a few times to do this to my background--LOVE this affect.  I had to mentally break it down to recreate it.  This is what I did:
1.  For my background piece that I sliced (puzzled) I originally cut it to 8″ x 10″.
2. I then placed it in my trimmer and just began cutting random pieces.  Stacking them up so they wouldn’t get lost.
3.  After I cut all the pieces I assembled them back together again on my main sheet, like a PUZZLE making sure to leave space between so I can see the main sheet of paper peaking through.
4.  I then adhered them to the background, just tacking it down so that I could then sew it.  I sewed my pieces right down the middle.
5.  After I sewed the pieces on I then adhered my layered matted photo.
6.  I then bent the edges of the puzzled pieces up to give some dimension.
7.  I then looked at my page and realized I hadn’t done any journaling.  I decided to just journal down the thread!
Thanks SO much for the visit--I truly appreciate it!

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