Monday, June 1, 2009


started out pretty poopy--yes I said poopy it's my word, I use it all the time--the usual poopiness (yes, it's a word!) kid's not cooperating, house looking like a tornado came through, being late to the gym to my class.  But the I came home looked at my google reader and found out that I WON the Maya Road Memorial Day giveaway!  I NEVER win anything, can I tell you I am SO TOTALLY EXCITED!!!  (I know you my creative friend's will appreciate my excitement DH just doesn't.....)
I've been wanting to play with these flower and stamps! :)  Hee hee!

And then I saw the trailer for New Moon! (It's the second book in the Twilight series--and my favorite)  Hee! hee!
Here it is:

It comes out in that is EXCITING!!  Currently I'm waiting for Transformers, and Harry Potter.  I know I'm all over the board when it comes to entertainment, we still need to see Star Trek (yes, I'm a Trekkie -- however you spell it --it's all my dad's fault, and yes I was in love with Spock and NOT captain kirk, whatever I was like 6)  Anyway, hopefully I will have some time to play.  I had all my stuff out on Saturday and it didn't happen, and Sunday well...yeah forget it.  Anyway,  thanks for stopping by and visiting me today!  Hope you are having a GREAT day! :)


Dawn said...

I loved New Moon the best as well. I'm most excited about this movie, due to the lack of the Edward in this one! (love Edward in the book, can't stand him in the movie!)

Frances said...

I am reading the book as I type...trying to beat the movie out! And to the comment above...Can't stand Edward in the movie...I want to have a vampire boyfriend because of him! LOL