Friday, June 5, 2009

Last Night and today.....

so I didn't get to do my optical illusions today for Cub Scout day camp, let's just say I shouldn't quit my day job.  I was heckled by a bunch of 8-10 year old boys!  Telling me, "this isn't magic!  This is Science!"  My come back was, "it's free so BE HAPPY!"  My friend and I continued to do our presentation, with continued, "this isn't magic"  My come back, "well you get what you pay for!"  Do some more of the presentation with more grumblings....finally this kid looks at the others and says, "it's free! REMEMBER?!"   Yeah, a repeat performance?  I think NOT!  DS son took a picture of me:
I think a man designed these shirts!  It almost looks like I buttoned it wrong...and the material DOES NOT breathe, but I like color.  I look a little tired, heck I was up until 11:45  about 3 hours past my bedtime, AND I woke up early.  Ah, well....I had a good time and got laughs out of the other adults! :)

I had a SUPER fun time last night at the crop.  I finished 3 pages albeit 2 don't have journaling but hey, there done!
I'm happy with how this layout turned out, I wanted to sew on it but no sewing machine.  I had a white piece of that swiss dot paper from Bazzill, I inked the bottom half, then did the rest of my layout with scraps of birthday paper, and rubons.  These pictures have been sitting in my to scrap pile for a while so yipee!
With the scraps of the collage pages I made these:
The make and takes:
from the store....
It's an envelope card, it's actually 3 envelopes "glued" together and then covered.  The tops were left alone so that you can slide tags in.  Totally easy and fun, I will definitely have to try this one again.
Shanna's cute make and take:
She was so GENEROUS, everyone one a prize pack of Bo Bunny goodies, THANK YOU I've been eyeing her stickers for awhile, now I have them!  (she designed them herself!--pretty cool!)  The store also had prizes.  I feel like I left with a HAUL.  I don't think I've been to a crop in over a year, I met fun new friends (Hi! friends!), ate yummy goodies, and laughed!  I'm so glad I went, it's worth being tired today!  Well, I really must run we are doing a week long Harry Potter marathon and my kiddos are waiting for me.  Thanks for stopping by!


Nadine said...

I missed the magic show darn it... it sounds like it would have been entertaining.. and hey it would have been free!

Nadine said...

I'm one of the crazy friends you met at the crop. I loved it and had a great time laughing and hanging out with you guys, we will definately have to do it again sometime. Love the pages you got done.

Tina said...

Oh, I haven't cropped in a while either. I miss it! Glad you had fun. Where did you go?