Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Nan & Pop

this was what I wanted to work on Saturday and it had to wait...
I'm real pleased with how it turned out.  This paper is SO fabulous, I was waiting to use it on something special.  When I was going through my "old" pictures I found this one, LOVE these people--my grandparents, they are AWESOME!!  Growing up we visited them in the summer time, hence the butterflies and flowers.  Anyway, I was pleased that the picture sort of matched the paper, good excuse to use it! :)  The fun thing about it, it's actually a paper-color copy of the original my mom gave me, Too cool!  And the bling circle thing started out looking like this:
It didn't work for what I wanted it to do, so I cut it apart (dh said when I explained it to him, "that sounds like a lot of work"--well, ya but it's fun!  Creating it's part of the process!  He did say it was cool--his version of I like it.)  Okay back to the layout I actually stamped on it too, I know don't faint.  :)

I am noticing that I am using lots of exclamation marks, ummm I guess I'm pretty excitable, it's almost like Billy Mays (ya know the guy that's always trying to sell you something on television--did you know he and another guy have a TV show called Pitchmen?  Pretty funny to watch....) 

Or maybe it's because I get to be a magician/optical illusionist at Cub Scout Day camp today!  I've been working on a few things, I just wish I could use a black cape & hat and white gloves, that would be cool!  But I have to wear my nice yellow den mom shirt that I sewed the badges on (I'm still pretty proud of the fact that I did that, my secret....I don't sew on clothes...NOPE...just paper!)  Back to day camp, I guess I'm worked up about it because I had a dream that I was in a large auditorium telling jokes and doing my tricks and the crowd was going wild.  Ya, I know....whatever!  I guess the auditorium part came from watching Glenn Beck (don't usually watch him--he did have some interesting things to say.)  before going to bed, HE was in an auditorium.

Or it could be that I'm going to a Crop!  I haven't been to one in who knows how long, but it should be fun!  I'm meeting an online designer friend Shanna Vineyard.  I've been following her blog since I found her over at Two Peas in a bucket .  She's amazingly talented, and very friendly.  When she said she was going to be at a crop at a store 2 minutes from my house.  I HAD to sign up!  (she lives in Virginia--she used to live here and is visiting for the summer.)  Pretty cool huh?!  Well, what to pack.  I never seem to get anything really accomplished at a crop so maybe some card supplies?  I don't know....I did clean out my bag of all non essential items.  But it also houses my secret stash of chocolate. :)  yes, it's going with me!  So at least I have something...

Okay, I realize that this is a mega post, thanks for hanging in there!  Dontcha know I've gotta make up for those days I haven't posted! :)  Thanks for stopping by!

pattern paper, stickers, bling, pearls: Basic Grey
ribbon, button: unknown
flower, brads, paper border: Bazzill
letter stickers: American Crafts
stamp: Autumn leaves

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Theresa C said...

What a sweet layout of your grandparents! I like that you made the bling circle into your very own creation.