Saturday, June 13, 2009


I'm enjoying the peace and quiet. The boys went to the grocery store, DH wants some bacon to season his dutch oven pans. DD is experimenting in the kitchen making homemade oreos, I know, I'm brave. But if she cleans up her own mess I'm good. That's how my mom taught me, gave me measuring instructions, check the oven instructions, use the oven mitt instructions, then let me have at it. Gave me great confidence to try new things. THANKS MOMMY!!

Oh, what else?
This morning DD and I went on our longest run about 3 1/4 miles, all the way to my parents house. AGAIN she thought she was going to die, and puke, and she couldn't go on...but she made it, ALL THE WAY. I'm VERY proud of her, little does she know that inside I'm thinking, "WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING!!" Ah, the joy of running, NOT!

Okay, enough of that. I FINALLY got to "play" it's been a week and I can only show you a sneak of what I did because it's for an assignment. Again I tried a new technique, and inking....(I know! I'm dangerous!) So here is your sneak and you'll have to wait until Father's day for the full reveal at Creative Scrappers.
I wonder if I can get another page in? I do have another assignment to complete....I have so many fun things to play with. Sure is making me happy to create today! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your weekend!

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