Saturday, March 28, 2009

**Warning--proud mama post!**

We had our first pinewood derby this morning, DS placed 4th out of the 20 boys in our Pack, his truck won best paint job, and yes there are rubon flames (I had to use my mad rubon skills to get them on....)  I was so nervous and excited for him, DH and others have been working on his car like MAD and it was so fun!  He was a little disappointed not to win the whole thing, but plans are in the works for next year's car.
Isn't he just a cutie?
This is my favorite picture of the kiddos together watching the races....
DD soccer team ROCKED it today!  They played their nemesis and played well and showed good sportsmanship during the game.  DD did several headers, one was an assist to a goal.  It was such a surprise and amazing our parents ERUPTED with joy.  I happened to catch her in one of those moves.  (notice the braids, I did them!  I was pretty proud of myself.  I haven't attempted to do her hair like that in forever because it's so fine.  But her hair has gotten thicker and she liked it!)
 We're off in a while to my Baby brother's birthday party.  It's been a full day already, but SO fun!  Thanks for stopping by, and for reading my PROUD mama moment! :)

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Theresa C said...

His truck looks great! 4th place out of 20 is pretty awesome :)