Friday, March 6, 2009


I was playing just now with the FABULOUS March kit from Scrapbook circle and came up with this:
It came together pretty quickly because I used a sketch from Jan 2009 at Page Maps (I LOVE sketches, makes life so much easier.....) These pictures are a year old and needed to get scrapped before I forgot what went on, and I have this year to catch up for CHA.  This Pink Paislee paper is so fun harder to work with because of the larger flowers, but it's great all the same.  My flower in the middle was to large for the center so I cut off the excess petals and put the friends sticker in the center.... 
I went on a field trip today with DS to the Science Center, I only had 2 in my group and we got to look at all the things we wanted to.  It was so nice to just go at the kid's pace and not feel like we had to rush.  And don't ya know I took my camera with me!  DS tried to tell me I didn't need to because the teacher was going to give me her camera to take pictures.  Well, I had both but a few times I just gave it to the boys to take pictures of things.  They loved it, and it was nice to delegate.....
 I need to got it's movie night and the kids have started Open Season 2 without me! I hope to be able to play tomorrow but it's full of soccer and I hope to get some chicken canned (I need the space it's taken up in my freezer...)  Thanks for stopping by!

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