Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lee's Fruit Triffle

Oh, my this is yummy!  I had to share this, I made this Sunday to go to my mom's and it just makes my mouth water thinking about it!  It's one of those recipes where I have no control and need to share with others so I don't make myself sick!  So here we go:
1 package french vanilla pudding
1 container cool whip
1 Angel food cake
(these are to your liking)
red grapes

Make french vanilla pudding as directed.  Mix with one container cool whip, break up angel food cake, slice strawberries, bananas and raped  Layer cake fruit then pudding in clear dish or trifle bowl to the top make a design with kiwi.

Apparently I don't follow instructions well because I just throw it all together and mix it up.  I'm really not fancy and it tastes just the same, it's just so nummy!  And did you know (if you are concerned about sugar intake) that there is a sugar free cool whip, AND it tastes the same.  AND when I went to Walmart they had a sugar free french vanilla pudding.  I was pretty excited because I have a brother who has to watch his sugar intake.  (I'm rereading this, how sad is it when you get excited at the grocery store?)  Thanks for stopping in.  And if you are curious I try and label my recipes that I post.  So if you click on the recipe at the end of the post it will take you to all of the recipes I have posted in the past.  ENJOY!  Thanks for stopping by!

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