Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My misting class

Last Thursday I went to a misting taught by Heidi Swapp at Scrapbooks Etc. I went with my friend Lisa, we both learned A LOT! Here are a few fun pictures of the day:
This is our goodie box....
We were so good we didn't open it until she started the class...it was HARD!
Heidi explaining a fabulous thing to use your mists on.
I'm telling you after experimenting I know I must HAVE some chalk spray! That stuff is awesome. Here is a picture of it on a tag with regular mist:
we used A LOT of paper towels--mist goes everywhere! tip: afterwards you can cut the paper towels up and make other crafty things. My mind is full of ideas!
I think before this class I was afraid to use my spray up--being a "scaredy sprayer" I wanted to conserve. But some of the neat affects you can't be that way, also you can use your mists to stamp, not just for masks--Pretty sweet!
(OK, I totally look like I'm hunched over....)Heidi sure is a lot of fun to learn from. I'm excited to incorporate some of what I learned into project in the future!

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Jamie Harder said...

Looks like SO much fun!!!