Monday, May 17, 2010

The Cricut Castle

Wow, has it been a while since I've posted! Life kinda took a blast off last week and we were SOOOO busy! Wednesday my girl got to present her Castle, she worked so hard. I was so impressed with her creativity and imagination! So here is her castle:
notice the alligators?
I helped with the draw bridge and the well. I cut the bottom of a crystal light container and wadded some paper and added stickles to make it look like water:
I love how she drew the face on this knight, this is also a great closeup of the distressing on the castle:
She got extra credit for the royalty:She made this catapult herself!
She got an A! And what was even better, only a few were chosen by the teacher to keep as an example. Hers was chosen, SWEET!
okay, one more thing about my DD:
That's her in the middle. yeah, it's a horrible picture, but I'm amazed I even got it. My camera focused on this dude's head not on the kids on the track. She did so well! She placed 7th out of 19 kids at the state meet. She was SO nervous, after the race she said she was shaking the whole time. Poor thing! I REMEMBER that feeling, the stadium was FULL with kids and people from all over the state. I embarrassed my whole family (except the 7 year old....) I yelled REALLY loud. Before the race began I did stand up and say to those around me, "I'm going to stand up now and scream really loud!" (I didn't care, I don't know these people--I'm never going to see them again.) After I screamed my guts out, I yelled, "that's my girl!" This guy turns around and jokingly said, "you could've warned us." I said, "I did, you weren't paying attention!" Then his wife laughed and said, "I'm going to be doing that in about 5 minutes!" DH a quieter person than me was SO embarrassed...ah well--you only live once. Life is like that, moments where you need a cheerleader and I was/am a PROUD mommy! :) DD came up after the race and said that she heard me. She NEVER hears me. I realized that's because when I yell that loud at a soccer game there are about 30 people yelling along with me.
Thank you for reading this far, I hope that you have a FANTASTIC day! I'm off to play catch up--making bread, doing laundry, doing dishes!


vegetablog said...

This castle is so neat! It reminds me of a project I did in middle school in Latin class-- so fun!
I love that your daughter did it all herself with help & encouragement from you :) It's so nice to see kids that do their own fantastic projects... your daughter should be very proud of her work.

Lisa Andrews said...

The castle turned out great! Awesome work. Congrats on the great running too!