Friday, May 1, 2009


Do you have them?  I'm not talking about the holiday kind I'm talking about making bread on Saturdays, laundry on Fridays, shopping on Monday type traditions.  Those are my half to traditions not always fun but needed.  
The kids have each picked a day that they want something different for breakfast.  
Tuesdays are chocolate chip pancakes (don't think I'm fancy-it's the krusteaz mix where you add water-I buy it at Sam's club.) you make the pancakes like they say then you throw chocolate chips in. 

Thursdays are Pumpkin pancakes--okay so these are a little fancier but I have the recipe-(click on pumpkin pancakes) and today being 
Friday is smoothie day!  Woohoo--EVERYONE gets excited.  Gets the kiddos out of bed and up and they enjoy telling me what they want their smoothie to be like.
Okay, another tradition is we are celebrating this year is teacher appreciation week-this is next week for us.  On Wednesday the kids and I worked on these babies:
The flowers on skewers have been sitting my closet from another project for a couple of years, (isn't it fun using up the stash?!)  to make those you cut two of the same flower and glue them together leaving room for your skewer at the bottom.  The little flower pots were also left over from the same project (I bought them in the flower department at Walmart) For the base (to poke into) I used flower foam-you want to make sure it's tight so that your flower doesn't wobble.
The kids made the 'faces' of the flowers from a stash of different typed flowers by Creative impressions-(I got them from CHA last year and hadn't used them up) they had the best time making up color combos.  I told them whatever they didn't use on this project they could have.  Well, they really went to town!  Youngest DS lost interest after about 5 minutes so I had to help him out.  We punched a couple of flowers then glued sequins to the front of the brad.  
For the grass:
I had scrap pieces of green paper and we just cut strips any which way and stuck them down into the foam.
I think the kids did a great job, AND we had a fun time--BONUS!!
well, I've got to get back to my half to day, laundry, shopping list, going to the gym....
I DO get to go on a date night tonight--we are hoping to get into see the new X-men movie!  
Thanks for stopping by!  And happy National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow!

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emelyn said...

These are great and what a fun project for the kids, I bet they had a great time. Sounds easy to make, I'll have to try it with the kids this summer! THANKS!