Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th!

May 18, 1980--ring a bell?  For my family it ALWAYS's the day Mt. St. Helen's erupted.  We lived in the eastern part Washington state at the time,  it was Sunday I was 7....I remember getting ready for church and going to the front door and my dad standing there telling my brother to go lock the doors on the car.  I couldn't understand why it was so dark.  My brother came back inside with what to me looked like snow on his jacket.  I couldn't process that either.  Then my parents explained what had happened, my mom filling the tubs & sinks with water.  I remember not being able to go outside FOREVER (probably a few days)  But when you did go outside you had to wear a mask.  It sure made me realize even then that Heavenly Father's hand is in ALL things.

I got a jury summons, I had to call Friday if I had to go in today.  The number eliminated some groups but then I had to call again today, LUCKILY I didn't have to go!  I was trying to figure out how I was going to get to every one's parties and things (this is the kiddos last week of school).  Now I don't have to worry!  DH was sweet enough to work from home today 'just in case'.  Prayers are answered!

So, I tried out for my little shoebox.  there were 400 applicants, I didn't make it. BUT I LOVE this layout I did for it!
supplies used:
pattern paper: My little shoebox
letters: making memories
buttons: making memories
flowers & border: Bazzill
jewels: Heidi swapp
sketch: page maps

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Bethany Kartchner said...

You should be proud of that LO. It is beautifully done. Great design. Have a lovely day!

Jennifer Y said...

hey girlie! What a story and I LOVE this layout you created! Such a beautiful style! MLSB is missing OUT!!! Ha! Have a great weekend!