Saturday, October 11, 2008

What a week!

My goodness this week was long and short!  Does anyone have weeks like that?  I made a few discoveries this week, as I was cleaning that corner in the kitchen that never gets cleaned because my special basket that holds the stuff that I will look at later sits.  Yeah, it's been several months since I even sorted the basket, SCAREY is one word, another...why was I wanted to look at that later?....RECYCLE.  The basket is empty and put another place for decoration and not to collect stuff!  
I did find Christmas letters from friends, so fun to look at and read a few.  Do you keep yours?  
I do!  I have a seperate album that houses my Christmas celebrations and mornings, and Cards from my friends.  I made a pocket usually 6" x 12" staple the side for reinforcement, and then date the outside.  I then slide my cards and pictures inside, yeah it's bulky but it's all in one place!  I love it and it helps me feel organized.
I am absolutely LOVING the weather here today!  I think the high was like 75 degrees with a breeze.  Perfect for opening all the windows and having a family party (which we did, and my little camera took a break.  Sometimes you just have to enjoy the moment and not worry about the camera.)
So what did you learn this week?


Rebecca Tresler said...

What a cool idea with the Christmas mail and memories!!

I learned this week how important it is to reconnect with your husband and kids together!

Dawn said...

I learned that I still hate snow.