Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happiest place on earth!

Yep, we went there!  So much fun too!  But boy after three days of walking (as my mom would say) our dogs were barkin!  
I just have to say that I took this picture myself with my little fuji camera.  I learned something that I shared as the tip of the day at Scrapbook Circle.  (click on the purple to get full details) but I was so excited it turned out so well!
It sure was nice to get away and just enjoy the family together, running from ride to ride, becoming a human train (something I highly suggest if you want to get through congested pedestrian traffic!).  You put a parent in front and then single file you have the kids and other parent follow.  (they are to make sure that everyone stays in line, hurries up and generally doesn't get lost!)  The human train moves where the leader moves and you get to places much faster.  I promise this works!  To bad we didn't figure it out until the second day.  I am sure I will have plenty of pages to share in the next little while.
I did work on a fun project that I hope to be able to post tomorrow.  I also have been working on things for the Boo Bash (online crop) at Scrapbook Circle this weekend.  The challenges will be posted on Friday with all weekend to work on them.  (deadline is 4pm MST Sunday)  If you want to play come jump on in!  There will be awesome prizes and fun raks.
Basically it's a mad house like always, and I am the clown driving the bus! :)  Hope you are enjoying your week!

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Theresa C said...

I LOVE this picture. Good job!!