Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fabulous chefs

Okay if you're keeping track here is layout #6 from the June kit from Scrapbook Circle, first off look what is on the camera:sweet huh?!
Here is the layout:
The apron, t-shirts, chef's hat and necklace all came as freebies from CHA this year. I took these pictures the morning after I came home--the kids were so excited about their free things. It also happened to be chocolate pancake day and they had to test their hats, and apron out! The border on the bottom has a story, they were actually just square pieces of paper I cut them to about an inch, folded them and then sewed across them. I like the fun affect of the "different" border!
Well, I gotta run go wake up the kiddos. Hopefully they won't be as cranky as yesterday, this is the last night of Soccer camp, I'm glad because they don't do well when they stay up past their bedtime, they just don't!
Thanks for stopping by!


Jamie Harder said...

LOVE those hats!!!! CUTE layout!!!

Lisa Andrews said...

That's cool that the camera says your name! Great layout.

happydays525 said...

Adorable layout Diana!!!!!