Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ah--summer is here!

And today happens to be the day I can SHARE one of my layouts from the Scrapbook Circle June kit (I made 7!! So I want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out):
The cardstock is Coordinations--I've never really used it before--sort of fun to sand it and drop mist on....the only other thing from my stash (besides the coordinations paper, and mist were the letters, the foam is American Crafts the other is cosmo cricket)
Funny story about these pictures, they were the VERY first I took with my Droid phone. When I showed up and the fire fighters were there (happened to be on a Thursday when I help in the class) I was in a panic because I didn't have my camera! DUH!! I had my phone! :) I was pretty excited to see how well they turned out.
I used up EVERY piece of paper in this kit I LOVED it that much!

Summer is here so that means I have to be creative with my children and the time they spend at the TV, video games and computer. This year I decided to be a little more scheduled with certain things that had to do BEFORE they turned on the TV. Such as chores, practice the piano, work in their summer bridge books, and so on. Then the time they get to watch TV is limited and so is how long they can play video games. There are other options to the TV and computer such as reading a book, swim, (the list is fairly long). If they do not behave themselves they can loose privileges--that is sort of empowering--I hate to take things away they want to do BUT it's part of being a mom. And THEY are making the choice knowing the consequences. I made sure to make a list of ALL of these things and they're printed out and posted on the fridge with the times listed of my gym classes so that they know when to expect to go to the gym with me. So far so good, of course it's been like 2 days with only a handful of melt downs....and NO they were not mine! :)
Thanks for stopping by today! Sure hope that you had a wonderful weekend.

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Jamie Harder said...

Wow .... 7 layouts!!! Can't wait to see them all:-) This one is awesome!!!