Thursday, September 17, 2009

Apple Valley Grad

What I just finished:
Everything is from the September kit from Scrapbook Circle. (excluding the lettering, pearls and chipboard flourishes) Love that these pictures are DONE! I have a slew being sent in the mail as I type. Sort of kicks me in gear to get the pages movin'!
So I've started a new book it's called, The Hour Glass Door by, Lisa Mangum.
I've only had a chance to read the first couple pages, so no opinion yet.
Did anyone watch the finale to America's Got Talent? I was so happy, that Kevin Skinner won, it was just so fitting that the singing chicken catcher won. DH and I were totally routing for him. Gosh, there were such touching stories!
And how about the first episode of the Biggest Looser?! I was TOTALLY've got to read their bio's, WOW! I get so excited for these people who really want to change their lives, I feel like a cheeleader at home.
Anyway, I'm off running! Thanks for stopping by today!

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emelyn said...

girl! you are whipping out those pages and rockin' the kit!! Love the distressed edges and the sewing action!