Tuesday, July 21, 2009

tip of the day, exciting stuff (for me) and RAIN?!

This week I posted this tip of the day:
A couple of weeks ago I made cards with the FABULOUS July kit. They are smaller than a usual A2 cards size, what to do? I tried everything and NOTHING seemed to match up or be even. I then had a thought, what about using an A2 sized card (measures 4 3/8" x 5 3/4"), the height of my card fit, but the width didn't..... so this is what I did:
1. I CAREFULLY opened up my envelope (it's OK if it tears a bit, you will either be trimming that off or it will be covered up)
2. I placed my card in the center of my envelope and traced (to make a template). For my flaps I eyeballed it by looking at my envelope and free handing it. I then cut it out.
3. This is what your template should look like:
4. next I took my template and placed it in the center of another envelope traced it and cut it out. NOW you have a working envelope!
5. To seal your envelope and hide ragged edges....on the outer flap add your adhesive, ONLY to the edge of the lower flap.
6. Fold your lower flap up and adhere your side flaps it should look like this:
7. And here is my finished envelope from the front.
I stamped and embossed a little flower to add to my set of cards. So the next time you need an envelope, this might just be your answer!
MONK season 7 came out today! WOOHOO! I LOVE Monk it's one of my FAVORITE TV shows, sadly this season is the last. But at least I have them on DVD. A little tidbit that you might not know, but movies usually come out on Tuesday. During that week they come out they are the cheapest (except for Christmas, I guess)--this is the norm, sometimes they spring surprises on me....
Okay, so I woke up this morning at 4:30 am to sound of thunder rolling and flashing of lightning, it was quite the show! Usually I enjoy said shows, when your trying to sleep it really isn't the same....we did FINALLY get moisture with this monsoon storm. I also a few broken trees, it's just amazing to me how hard the wind really blows! Looking outside right now you'd never know there was a storm, it's just NASTY humid! Thanks for stopping by! Off to fold some laundry!


Stacy Milford said...

Yeah for RAIN! We could use some here too! Loved your envelope tip...& I've never watched a full episode of MONK, but I've heard people rant & rave about it!!! Later!

Frances said...

I saved this post girl...I can't tell you how many times I have made a card and never stop and realize that I did not have an envelope to fit it. I know pretty stupid, but thanks.