Thursday, July 21, 2016

my movie/tv show currents.

In the past month I have enjoyed A LOT of indoor entertainment as it has been so STUPID hot, like 110 and above.  Here's my list:
The Secret Life of Pets.  This was a CUTE movie!  My youngest and I went to go and see this while the other three in our family went to see The Shallows.  The Shallows wasn't something I even had a desire to see, HATED Jaws-knew I wouldn't like any of that...I have an active imagination...I don't need help with scary....
Doc Martin.  This is one of my favorite TV shows!  It's on Netflix right now, it's rated TV-MA, but I'm not sure why.  He is a doctor and sometimes there are some scenes of him sewing people up.  But not anything vulgar, suggestive, or bad language.  His character is awkward, dry, and hilarious.  They just added new seasons so I was excited for it to come up, we rented the 7th season and are eagerly awaiting the 8th and final season to come out!
KC Undercover.  Classic Disney cheesiness, but it makes me laugh!  Actually our whole family sits down and watches this one, it's about a family of spies.  It's on Disney Channel.
Girl meets World.  Another classic Disney, light, silly show based on Boy meets world, he is all grown up with family of his own.  I think I'm the only one in my house that really enjoys this one.  What can I say?  I remember back when Sundays was the day we got to watch the Disney whole family would sit down and watch it together.  You can see this on Netflix and on the Disney channel.
Race. I LOVED this movie!  It was based on the real life of Jesse Owens--the acting was great, even though I knew what was going to happen I truly enjoyed it.  My whole family + my parents watch this one for family night and everyone enjoyed it!
and finally:
Concussion.  WOW, this was a POWERFUL movie based on a true story.  Will Smith was AMAZING (he is one of my FAVORITES).  This one was WOW powerful!  My kids really enjoyed this one too, I was surprised that my  youngest liked it because of all talking, but it helped the viewer understand what was truly going on.  I also remember some of the men being in the news--definitely worth the watch!

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loved loved loved Secret Life of Pets! I want to be Gidget when I grow up! LOL!! And we LOVED RACE! Wow ... that was soooooooo good!! Still have to see Concussion!!