Monday, July 18, 2016

musical play.

 this layout brings back memories, memories of 6th grade...
these pictures were taken in circa 1985, back in the era of fluorescent colors, ray bans and BIG hair.  I remember that my mom made my groovy blue shorts--they were quite comfortable.  I also remembering feeling very cool that my mom let me use her head phones for my "part" in the play.  (I walked across the stage like I was listening to music...) And my brother letting me use his sunglasses.  Yes, I was something-- ;)

For this layout I had to cut my pictures down to trim down the heads and excess black..I think my mom did pretty good at capturing this moment with her film camera and flash!

Another fun tip, I started with a white piece of cardstock, I topped it on the top with strips of paper.  I initially just used my water colors to paint--but it was too bright.  I decided to add my piece of transparency to mute the colors a bit--it turned out perfect; the words on it adding to the interest of the page.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Ahhhhhhh the big hair days ... those were the best! HA! I love love love love this! LOVING that you scrapped this memory and loving the stitching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!