Wednesday, February 25, 2015

a short story--the unsuspecting N.A.R.P.

    so I've been sort of all over the map BUSY lately--I shouldn't say lately but pretty much all the time.  I have a few minutes here and there to take advantage of the "ME" time--to do something that doesn't involve food, driving, doctor's appointments, the normal every day...
     ANYWAY, I did something the other day that I've been thinking about for a long time!  Writing short stories based on true events of my family.  I was inspired when my daughter came home and told me this story that had me rolling with laughter.  I knew I had to write it down--she read it laughed and gave some pointers/clarification.  Here is what I wrote (remember I am NOT a professional!)

The Unsuspecting N.A.R.P.
based on True events--February 19, 2015

Needed definitions to understand the story:

N.A.R.P.= Non-Athletic-Regular, Person
Alyisa=athletic girl, who does two sports; soccer and track,  and who takes a weight lifting class during her regular scheduled High School day.  At one point she could bench press 100 pounds.

On a school day--Thursday to be precise.  Mrs. X culinary class was killing time at the end of the hour, waiting for the school bell to ring signaling that their class time was spent.  All cooking utensils were put away, and the counters were wiped clean.  Most of the students were killing those last few minutes by either staring at the walls, the inside of their eye lids, their phones, or making small talk with each other.  One such conversation went like this.  

The N.A.R.P. conversing with Alyisa said, "hey, you want to arm wrestle?” In Alyisa’s mind she had a quick conversation, “um--NO!” but out of her mouth came these words, “no, I don’t want to beat you.”  The unsuspecting N.A.R.P., by all accounts was a little eccentric in his demeanor and dress, took this statement as a challenge and said, “well, now we HAVE to arm wrestle.”  With a few disinterested students looking on the arm wrestling match began.  Alyisa wanting it to end sooner than later jerked her hand toward her opponent.  The N.A.R.P. was not going to give up that easy!  He pushed back and the match stayed for several seconds where it began, in the starting position.  Alyisa bided her time while the N.A.R.P. pushed, gaining no ground.  Alyisa noticing the beads of sweat appearing on the N.A.R.P’s forehead.  She decided to end the arm wrestling match.  

Inside her mind there was a note of confident satisfaction-- “I won, just like I said I would.”  Her face bore that thought, in a self-assured smile.  The N.A.R.P. on the other hand was definitely surprised when another student; an observant young man; who knew not to challenge a girl to an arm wrestling match said, “You do realize that she takes a weight lifting class.”  The N.A.R.P in astonished disbelieve claimed that she had cheated!  “Ugh! No, fair!!”  In Alyisa’s mind, the words came, “Well, I told you I was going to win didn’t I?”  The bell rang signaling the end of class--the whole interchange lasted only a few minutes.  But there is a moral to the story, which is this: Don’t challenge Alyisa to an arm wrestling match--she will win.

So do you have ANY stories--family lore that you want to remember or your kids to remember?  WRITE it down--you don't have to be a professional--yes, it takes time but the effort is worth the pain!
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Kimberly Kett said...

Great story and you're right it is worth it :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

What an AWESOME story!!!